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fu'ivla x1 (person/computer/agent) finds the result of applying mathematical function/operator x2 to arguments x3 (ordered list) Useful for commanding some one to "add these numbers together", "find the sum of...", "take the conjugate of...", etc. In some sense, is equivalent to "calculate" or "compute" in reference to an operator being evaluated on an ordered list or inputs.
lujvo p1 is an industrial park managed by community/polity/company p2 for factories/plants producing f2. Cf. fanri, panka, zacpanka, zdipanka, gubypanka, kagnypanka.
gismu rafsi: fav x1 develops/evolves towards/into x2 from x3 through stages x4. See also pruce, banro, makcu, ciste, cupra, ferti.
gismu rafsi: fac x1 (du'u) is a fact/reality/truth/actuality, in the absolute. See also datni, jitfa, sucta, xanri, jetnu, fasnu, zasti, cfika, saske.
gismu rafsi: fed x1 (agent) divides/partitions/separates x2 into sections/parts/ind. x3 by method/partition x4. Also segments. See also sepli, bitmu, fatri, dilcu, katna, frinu.
fu'ivla x1 is a leafy/Glauert's sea( )dragon/member of fish genus Physodurus, of species x2 Not: seahorse, weedy sea( )dragon, ribboned pipefish/formerly-designated ribboned sea( )dragon. See also: finpe, finprsinxnatfidai, finprsinxnatfinai, finprfilopteriksi, finprxali'iktfisi, finprxipokampusi.
fu'ivla x1 is a weedy sea( )dragon/common sea( )dragon/member of fish genus Phyllopterix of species x2 Not: seahorse, leafy sea( )dragon, ribboned pipefish/formerly-designated ribboned sea( )dragon. See also: finpe, finprsinxnatfidai, finprsinxnatfinai, finprfikodurusi, finprxali'iktfisi, finprxipokampusi.
gismu rafsi: fic x1 differs/is distinct from/contrasts with/is unlike x2 in property/dimension/quantity x3. Also other-than (less common meaning). See also ranxi, drata, dunli, simsa, vrici.
gismu rafsi: gai x1 is a cover/[lid/top] for covering/concealing/sheltering x2. See also pilka, gapru, marbi, drudi, ve botpi, bitmu, calku.
lujvo x1 (agent) causes x2 (event) to modify/alter/change/transform/convert x3 into x4 This is a jvajvo: galfi zei gasnu. Included in the dictionary because it's referenced in the notes for galfi.
gismu rafsi: gaf ga'i x1 (event) modifies/alters/changes/transforms/converts x2 into x3. Causal, resultative change; agentive modification (= gafygau, gafyzu'e). (cf. stika for non-resultative, binxo for not-necessarily causal change, cenba for non-resultative change; zasni)
gismu rafsi: gan x1 is broad/wide in dimension x2 [2nd most significant dimension] by standard x3. See also clani, jarki, rotsu, condi, barda, gutci, minli.
gismu x1 is a/the testes/ovary/testicle/scrotum/balls/gonad/stamen/pistil [body-part] of x2, gender x3. Egg/sperm/pollen/gamete producing/bearing organ. See also plibu, sovda, pinji, gutra, mabla.
gismu rafsi: gap x1 is directly/vertically above/upwards-from x2 in gravity/frame of reference x3. See also tsani, galtu, cnita, drudi, gacri, dizlo, farna.
lujvo v1 (body) ejaculates v2 from source v3 via means/route v4. Cf. pinji, xangle, sezgle, tsiju, sovda, gutra, glefra.
gismu rafsi: rau x1 [magnitude] is a unit/degree of/on scale/reference standard x2 (si'o) measuring property x3. Also grade, level, point; x3 dimension. See also ckilu, kantu, kelvo, merli, ranti, selci.