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lujvo b1 is an aircraft carrier carrying b2, propelled by b3. Cf. vinji, bloti, ni'ablo, brabrajamblo, brajamblo, cmajamblo, badjamblo.
gismu rafsi: vic vi'u x1 removes/subtracts/deducts/takes away x2 from x3 with/leaving result/remnant/remainder x4. Also appropriates, confiscates; alienation is inherent. See also lebna, muvdu, cpacu, canci, cliva, jdika.
experimental gismu x1 (user/consumer) is an addict of/is addicted to substance/entity/experience x2 by standard x3 Implies physiological need; the nature of x2 does not matter, only the response of x1. Quite arguably, anything other than an experience filling in x2 is sumti-raising. Is not necessarily bad; for example, one can be addicted to life, or to the consumption and processing of sugar.
lujvo x1 makes x2 see (perceive visually) x3 under conditions x4 One sense of "show", but more mechanism-specific than the English word; one can't "visygau fi ko'a" where ko'a is not something that can be literally seen. In these cases arco or sajgau may be preferred. Also see jarco.
lujvo x1 is the part-of-speech / grammatical class of word x2, which means or has function x3 in language x4. = pevyselma'o; Generalization of selma'o, to be usable for non-cmavo and words from other languages. See ma'oi
lujvo at least one of the statements x1 (du'u) and x2 (du'u) is true (logical disjunction) Synonymous with zilvlina. See also vlina, kaxyje'u/zilkanxe (TFFF), nibzilvlina (TFTT), jetydu'i (TFFT), jetfrica (FTTF), zilzilo (TTTT).
lujvo j1 has the rank of Lieutenant Colonel/Commander/Wing Commander (equivalent of NATO OF-4) in military unit /organization j2. Cf. vo, moi, jatna, jemja'a, vairsoi, mumymoija'a, cibmoija'a. Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel.
fu'ivla x1 is a vodka distilled from x2. Cf. xalrvotka, xalka, jikru, birje, vanju, uiski, campania, vanjyjikru, koinka.
gismu rafsi: vud vu'e x1 is virtuous/saintly/[fine/moral/nice/holy/morally good] by standard x2. Holy/saintly (= cesyvu'e). Virtue the attribute is "ka vrude". See also palci, xamgu, marde, zabna.
gismu rafsi: xa'u x1 dwells/lives/resides/abides at/inhabits/is a resident of location/habitat/nest/home/abode x2. See also ginka, zdani, zvati, stuzi, jmive, stali, vitke.
gismu rafsi: xak x1 (event) uses up/depletes/consumes/[wastes] x2 [resource]. Waste (= fesxaksu, dusxaksu). See also citka, festi, daspo, livla, pinxe.
gismu rafsi: xag xau x1 (object/event) is good/beneficial/nice/[acceptable] for x2 by standard x3. Acceptable (= mlixau, norxau, xaurselcru). See also melbi, xlali, vrude, zabna.
gismu rafsi: xaj x1 is a pig/hog/swine/[boar] [pork/ham/bacon-producer] of species/breed x2. Sow (= fetxarju), boar (= nakyxarju), pork (= xajre'u), piglet (= citxarju). See also mabru, cange.
gismu x1 is stubborn/willfully opposing/resisting x2 about x3 (event/state). x2 may be a person, a state or condition, or a force; the essence is willful resistance. See also tinsa, pante, bapli, fapro.
lujvo k1 is a military armoured car propelled by k3. Cf. xislu, jamna, karce, jamkarce, gutyjamkarce, sonjamkarce, tsakarce, karcycelxa'i.
gismu rafsi: xip x1 reflects Hispano-American culture/nationalities in aspect x2. Refers to Spanish-speaking Latin-American countries, not Brazil/Guyana. See also merko, mexno, spano, ketco, bemro, gento.