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gismu rafsi: bef be'u x1 is a/the abdomen/belly/lower trunk [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: midsection]. Also stomach (= djaruntyrango), digestive tract (= befctirango, befctirangyci'e). See also cutne, livga, canti.
gismu rafsi: bix bi'o x1 becomes/changes/converts/transforms into x2 under conditions x3. Resultative, not-necessarily causal, change. (cf. cenba for non-resultative, galfi for causal, stika for non-resultative, non-causal change; zasni)
gismu rafsi: bir x1 is a/the arm [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: branch with strength]. Also elbow (= bircidni), wrist (= xanterjo'e), appendage (but jimca, rebla preferred). See also jimca, janco, xance, rebla.
fu'ivla c1 is dragon's blood [bright red resin] of plant species c2 (genus Croton/Dracaena/Daemonorops/Calamus rotang/Pterocarpus). The red resin was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye. It continues to be employed for the aforementioned purposes by some. Not to be confused with blood from a dragon which is "lo ciblu be lo ranmrdrakono".
lujvo j3 is a soccer match/game with j1=t1 playing/competing against j2 for prize/title j4. Cf. bolci, tikpa, jivna, boltipyjvi, boltipyboi. For American/Canadian football match/game see bemboiterjvi.
lujvo j1=t1 plays soccer against j2 in competition j3 for prize/title j4. Cf. bolci, tikpa, jivna, boltipyboi, boltipterjvi. For American/Canadian football see bemboijvi.
lujvo t1=d1=b1 is a surfingboard of material/property t2. From tanbo, djacu, boxna (b2-b5 subsumed). See also jacta'o, windsurfingboard (=fanjacta'o), kitesurfingboard (=volfanjacta'o), wakesurfingboard (=blobonjacta'o).
gismu rafsi: bot bo'i x1 is a bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for x2, made of material x3 with lid x4. See also baktu, lante, patxu, tansi, tanxe, vasru, gacri.
gismu rafsi: bon bo'a x1 is a wave [periodic pattern] in medium x2, wave-form x3, wave-length x4, frequency x5. See also slilu, dikni, cinje, polje, morna, canre.
lujvo bar1=bak1 is a swimming pool filled with bak2, made of material bak3. Cf. barda, baktu, djacu, litki, limna, fulta, jinru.
lujvo b1 is huge/enormous/very big in property b2 with criterion b3. barda+barda; Cf caibra, tcebra, selte'abra, dukse, cimni, camganra; antonym: cmacma.
lujvo bl1=ba1 is a battleship of type/carrying bl2, propelled by bl3. Cf. barda, jamna, bloti, ni'ablo, brajamblo, cmajamblo, badjamblo, vijblo.
gismu x1 is an enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of x2 in struggle x3. See also damba, jamna, darlu, pendo, fapro, gunta, sarji, jivna, jinga.
lujvo bl1=ba1 is a cruiser of type/carrying bl2, propelled by bl3. Cf. barda, jamna, bloti, ni'ablo, brabrajamblo, cmajamblo, badjamblo, vijblo.
lujvo t1=b1 is the biggest among set/range t4 in property/dimension b2 (ka). Cf. barda, traji, bramau, mecybrarai, brame'a, mecycmarai.
experimental gismu x1 is a predicate word defined as such by its word shape, signifying relation x2 (n-ary property) in language x3 In Lojban, this encompasses gismu + lujvo + zi'evla, but excludes pro-bridi, which are cmavo.