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lujvo c1=l1=p1 is yesterday morning; c1=l1=p1 is the morning before p2=l2 at location c3. Syn. prulamdeicerni. Morning (=cerni), tomorrow morning (=bavlamcerni), this morning (=cabdeicerni).
lujvo c1=l1=p1 is yesterday morning; c1=l1=p1 is the morning before day p2=l2=d1 at location c3. Syn. prulamcerni. Morning (=cerni), tomorrow morning (=bavlamcerni), this morning (=cabdeicerni).
lujvo v1=l1=p1 is yesterday evening; v1=l1=p1 is the evening before p2=l2 at location v3. Evening (=vanci), tomorrow evening (=bavlamvanci), this evening (=cabvanci).
lujvo x1 admits/accepts/acknowledges/allows/concedes/recognizes that x2 is true about x3 on grounds/under compelling evidence x4 Cf. randa, jinvi, fitytu'i, cpazau, zarcpa.
lujvo s1=rs1 is a vertical rock face / rock surface of rock / mountain rs2 on side rs3 with edges rs4, vertical in reference frame/gravity s2. Technically necessary ke (or bo) dropped. Cf. sraji, roksfe, fenra, cmana, farlu.
lujvo z1=c1 (experiencer) increases in skill / expertise at z2=c2 by amount z3 by means of repeating action r1 r2 times. Made from rapli + certu + zenba.
lujvo k1=r1 (NU) is a natural right of k2 (individual/mass) by standard k3. Rights which are not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs of a particular society or polity, thus necessarily universal; usually contrasted to legal rights (flakrali), which are culturally and politically relative. Cf. krali.
lujvo s1 is natural science with subject s2 =r1 with methodology s3. More specific than saske. Requires the use of the scientific method to explain the natural world. See also rarna, termu'eske, xumske, ji'eske, and tedyske
lujvo s1 is a concept of dualism/an idea that the fundamental part of existence f1 differs/is distinct from/contrasts with/is unlike the other fundamental part of existence f2 in property/dimension/quantity f3, by thinker s2. Mind-body or mind-matter dualism (e.g. Cartesian Dualism) or physical dualism (e.g. the Chinese Yin and Yang)and others.
lujvo c1=r1 (human being) kills c2=r1 (human being) by action/method c3; c1=r1 commits murder/is murderer. Both the killer and the killed are human beings. remna catra; remselcatra.
lujvo s1=r1 (human being) is killed by s2=r1 (human being) by action/method s3; s1=r1 is victim of murder. Both the killed and the killer are human beings. remna catra; remcatra.
experimental gismu x1 is a dinosaur [specific: only clade Dinosauria] of type x2 living in era x3. A gismu version of dinsauru; contrast with dinso. Includes birds. Proposed short rafsi: -rex-. Preferred to reksa (for the sake of short rafsi). See also: ketslau.
gismu x1 liquid/fluid drains/strains/flushes from source x2 through drain/strainer x3 by force x4. x4 is usually gravity. See also pambe, tisna, setca, flecu, muvdu, ganxo, rirxe.
lujvo sm1=b1 is/are British soup spoon(s) [item of cutlery] suitable for eating soup sm2=st1, made of material s3. The British soup spoon is the size of a dessert spoon (=tsiselsaismuci), but with a deeper, more circular bowl for holding liquid.
lujvo br1=ba1 is the British English language used by ba2 to express/communicate ba3 (si'o/du'u, not quote). Syn. gliglibau. Cf. merbau, glibau, bangu, merko, glico, bangenugu.
gismu rafsi: rok ro'i x1 is a quantity of/is made of/contains rock/stone of type/composition x2 from location x3. x2: composition including x2, which need not be complete specification. See also kunra, jemna, canre.