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gismu rafsi: vac x1 is an evening [from end-of-work until sleep typical for locale] of day x2 at location x3. This evening (= cabvanci); tomorrow evening (= bavlamvanci); yesterday evening (= prulamvanci). See also cerni, murse, tcika.
lujvo mg1 is a fan blowing/moving air mg2=v1 to/towards/onto mg3 from mg4. From vacri and muvgau, or equivalently, vacri, muvdu, and gasnu.
lujvo c1 is/are the sales function/activities of c2=v1 selling v2 to v3; c1 is sales. Cf. vecnu, cuntu, selvensro, janta, faircu'u, zbacu'u.
lujvo b1 is an aircraft carrier carrying b2, propelled by b3. Cf. vinji, bloti, ni'ablo, brabrajamblo, brajamblo, cmajamblo, badjamblo.
gismu rafsi: vic vi'u x1 removes/subtracts/deducts/takes away x2 from x3 with/leaving result/remnant/remainder x4. Also appropriates, confiscates; alienation is inherent. See also lebna, muvdu, cpacu, canci, cliva, jdika.
experimental gismu x1 (user/consumer) is an addict of/is addicted to substance/entity/experience x2 by standard x3 Implies physiological need; the nature of x2 does not matter, only the response of x1. Quite arguably, anything other than an experience filling in x2 is sumti-raising. Is not necessarily bad; for example, one can be addicted to life, or to the consumption and processing of sugar.
lujvo v1=t1 is the appointed governor/governor-general/lieutenant-governor over territory t2 representing principal v3 Cf. vipsi, nobli, turni, nolraitru, vliraitru, gugja'a, truralju, trupauja'a.
lujvo x1 makes x2 see (perceive visually) x3 under conditions x4 One sense of "show", but more mechanism-specific than the English word; one can't "visygau fi ko'a" where ko'a is not something that can be literally seen. In these cases arco or sajgau may be preferred. Also see jarco.
lujvo x1 is the part-of-speech / grammatical class of word x2, which means or has function x3 in language x4. = pevyselma'o; Generalization of selma'o, to be usable for non-cmavo and words from other languages. See ma'oi
fu'ivla x1 is the spelling of the word x2 in script/orthography x3 // x1 is a character string representing word x2. Shortening of vlalerpoi. Use me'o to spell the letters for x1. Also see vlaleci'e
lujvo x1 is the spelling of the word x2 in script/orthography x3 // x1 is a character string representing word x2. Use me'o to spell the letters for x1. zi'evla form: vlalepo. Also see vlalerpoici'e.
lujvo s1=v1 (quote) is a linguistic/conceptual lexeme for word/concept v2, being the most basic subunit of s2, in language v3 x1 may not be a proper word on its own (may require error/foreign/rafsi quotes or the like). See also: veljvo, rafsi.
lujvo g1 is a door/gate (movable barrier) in portal/doorway (opening) v1=g2 between v2 and v3, in structure v4. Cf. vorme, gacri, li'avro, kumfa, dinju, pagre
lujvo xa1=z1 is better than z2 for xa2 by standard xa3, by amount z4. Cf. xamgu, zmadu, xlame'a, xauzma, xagmau, xagrai. The canonical form is xauzma.
lujvo xa1=m1 is worse than/not as good as m2 for xa2 by standard xa3, by amount m4. Cf. xamgu, mleca, xlamau, xauzma, xagmau, xagrai.
lujvo t1=x1 is the best among set/range t4 for x2 by standard x3. Cf. xamgu, traji, mecyxlarai, xauzma, xagmau, xagme'a, zanrai.