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fu'ivla x1 (event/state) is on Saturday or the sixth day of a week x2 in system x3. lo jednxa = lo se jefydeidetri be li xa. See also detri, detke'u, jeftu; jednpa, jednre, jednci, jednvo, jednmu, jednxa, jednze.
gismu rafsi: jai x1 grasps/holds/clutches/seizes/grips/[hugs] x2 with x3 (part of x1) at locus x4 (part of x2). Hug (= birjai, pamjai); handshake (= xanjaisi'u); hold with hands (= xanjai); handle (= jaitci). See also ralte, pencu, darxi, batke, rinju.
gismu rafsi: jbi x1 is near/close to/approximates x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni). See also darno, nenri, vanbi, jbini, lamji, zvati, cpana, bartu, diklo, stuzi.
lujvo x1 is a "false friend" (letter/symbol in a different writing system that looks similar, but differs significantly in meaning) to x2, in alphabet/character-set x3 representing x4 This is a cimjvo, with a rather obvious calque from a metaphor common to many languages. See lerfu, smuni, bangu
lujvo x1 is a "false friend" (word in different language that looks or sounds similar, but differs significantly in meaning) to x2, meaning x3 in language x4. This is a cimjvo, with a rather obvious calque from a metaphor common to many languages. See valsi, smuni, bangu. Synonymous to pevjifpedvla.
experimental gismu x1 is a physical interaction [colloquially: force] between x2 (interacting participants/objects; symmetric) with characteristics/of type x3 Not necessarily fundamental. Can include: forces (bapli), pressures, the fundamental interactions (tsaba, dicma, vubla, grava), the 'Higgs' mechanism (xigzo), etc. Direction (as of application) can be specified in x3. See also: fisli.
gismu rafsi: jit x1 is a limit/extreme/bound/border/[confinement] of x2 in property/domain x3. Restrain/constrain within limits (= jitri'u, jitygau, jityzu'e). See also cmavo list ji'e, traji, korbi, kuspe, rinju, bapli, curmi, fanta, jbini.
gismu rafsi: jiv ji'i x1 thinks/opines x2 [opinion] (du'u) is true about subject/issue x3 on grounds x4. Words usable for epistemology typically have a du'u place. See also cmavo list pe'i, djuno, krici, ciksi, jijnu, nabmi, pensi, senpi, sidbo, birti, pinka.
fu'ivla x1 (mass/set) do orienteering in competition of type x2 [property of the event] with (other) rule(s) x3 [property of each participant]. The x2 is the major type of the orienteering event, be it Score-O, point-to-point, or other types such as MountainBike-O, etc. The x3 is a property of the individual participants, including things like "not allowed to go beyond point X" or "beating up other participants is allowed" etc. The tanru "jivnrfarzu'e se gunma" is sufficient to say "I do orienteering".
gismu rafsi: juf ju'a x1 (text) is a sentence/statement about x2 [topic/subject/predicate/focus] in language x3. Phrase (= jufpau, suzrelvla, suzvla, gensle). See also valsi, bangu, gerna, cusku, smuni.
lujvo x1 (number) is the lujvo score of lujvo x2 (text) determined under scoring algorithm x3. "lujvo score" is a term specific to Lojban lujvo. Lujvo can be assigned a "score" by some algorithm in order to compare those lujvo. One lujvo scoring algorithm is described in The Lojban Reference Grammar, chapter 4, section 12: https://lojban.github.io/cll/4/12/ See also vamji.
lujvo cu1 makes coffee/produces a quantity of coffee drink/product cu2=ck1 by process cu3. Examples of x2: black coffee (=xekckafi), coffee beverage with dairy product (=ladyckafi), liqueur coffee (=jikryckafi), decaffeinated coffee (=nalkafxumckafi). See also coffeemaker (=kafpraca'a), barista (=crekafpra), fika/coffee break (=fi'ikca).
lujvo ca1 is a coffeemaker/is an apparatus/device for producing coffee ca2=cu2=ck1 controlled/[triggered] by ca3 (agent). See also: making coffee (=kafpra), (electric) drip coffeemaker (=digyfalkafpraca'a), french press (=da'erju'ebo'i), moka pot (=botrmuka), percolator (=botrperkolato), espresso machine (=cabrspreso), vending machine (=venzmi), coffee (paper) filter (=kafpleju'e).
fu'ivla x1=c1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of espresso [coffee beverage] from beans x2=c2 with crema x3 (the foam with a creamy texture that forms as a result of the pressure). See also: black coffee (=xekckafi), espresso machine (=cabrspreso), barista (=crekafpra), café au lait/latte/cappuccino [coffee drink with heated dairy product] (=glaladyckafi).
lujvo d1 is d2 (default 1) coffee measuring cup(s), standard d3 (default: 1 volume unit=1 cup of drinkable coffee), d4 subunits. Coffee measure is a unit of volume that is not, strictly speaking, is a unit of measurement , but rather a name for a measuring cup with slightly different size, but usually 15 to 20 ml. The measure is designed to measure the adequacy 1-1.25 cups drinkable coffee .
lujvo d2 is/are the indebtedness/liabilities of company/corporation/firm d1=k1 to creditor(s) d3 for the provision of goods /services/loans d4. Cf. kagni, dejni, kagyselpo'e, terdejni, {ze'i zei seldejni}, {ze'u zei seldejni}, paurseldejni, na'arkagnoi.