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experimental gismu x1 is characterized by x2 (ka) emphasized by x3 Used for emphasizing a trait on x1. For example "He is a complete idiot" where "complete" is emphasizing, but not really modifying "idiot".
lujvo b1=c1 runs away from c2 via route c3 on surface b2 using limbs b3 with gait b4. Cf. darbajra.
lujvo k1=b1 runs to destination k2 from origin k3 via route k4 using limbs b3 with gait b4. Cf. dzukla.
lujvo x1=c1 leaves/exits/goes outside of x2=c2=b2 via route x3=c3. Cf. barkla.
lujvo s1=b1 is sickly/appears ill with symptoms s2=b2 from disease b3 to observer s3. Cf. ka'omlu.
lujvo x1 = j1 grasps/holds/hugs x2 = j2 with x1's arms, at locus x3 = j4. See also pamjai.
lujvo x1=j1 is a shoulder attaching arm x2=j2=b1 of x3=j3=b2 to x3. A proper word for "shoulder".
lujvo k1 goes/sails/navigates (travels by boat) to destination k2 from origin k3 via route k4 using boat k5=b1. Cf. klama.
lujvo l1=b2 travels by boat via route l2 using boat/ship/vessel l3=b1 propelled by b3. Cf. klama.
experimental gismu x1 is bleen, associated with time x2 Grue and bleen are predicates coined by Nelson Goodman in /Fact, Fiction, and Forecast/ to illustrate "the new riddle of induction". These predicates are unusual because their application to things is time dependent. See also: clinu.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 exhibits spina di pesce/Brunelleschi herringbone (zigzag) pattern/design with features x2 Something as simple as the alternating count or specification of the spines can be described in x2 (in other words, the description need not be complete). See also: zigzagi.
lujvo k1=c1 ranges through time/has duration k2=c2. x2 is the complete duration as the amount of time or an interval specification and is non-aorist. Cf. temci.
lujvo d1 is d2 full (centi)milidays (hundred-thousandth of a day unit) in duration (default is 1 (centi)miliday) by standard d3; d1 is a metric second. For use with metric time system. (It is not proper in the standard metric system to combine prefixes, but lojban's grouping rules allow for it.)
lujvo m1=c1 is the dawn of day m2=c2 at location m3=c3. Cf. vacmurse.
lujvo s1 worships s2=c1, which is holy/sacred to c2=r3, with ritual r1 having form/rules r4. Cf. cesri'a.
lujvo x1 is a false negative/deceiver in failing (producing negative result in) test x2 which tests for x3 as a result of effort/under conditions x4; x1 is falsely found to have (negative result) property x3 by (negative result of) test x2 under conditions x4