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lujvo x1=fe1 is the ashes of x3=fa2, combusted by fire x2=fa1. Cf. fagyfesyska.
lujvo s1 is/appears to be of ash color/hue as perceived/seen by x2=s3 under conditions x3=s4. Cf. fagyfesti.
lujvo k1 sails to destination k2 from origin k3 via route k4 on sailing vehicle k5=f3. Cf. voikla.
lujvo g1=f3 aims at f1 with f2 (object/event). x3 can be x1 itself or an extra object/event such as "weapon", "effort", etc. Cf. farna.
lujvo the amount/intensity of event/state x1 is too high for x2 to happen; x1 happens too much for x2 to happen See dukse.
experimental cmavo digit/number: first Foias' constant; the unique value of x1 such that x_n -> ∞ as n -> ∞ for x_{n+1} = (1 + (1/( x_n )))^n; such x1 = 1.187… See also: fu'a'au
lujvo c1 blames/holds responsible/accuses f1 for action/state f2 from authority f3 to audience c3 with expression medium c4. Cf. i'anai.
lujvo x1 (word/quote; probably gismu) conflicts with x2 (word/text; probably gismu) according to rules x3 Shortened from gimkamsmikezypro. Neither x1 nor x2 need be "official and accepted".
lujvo x1 (si'o) deserves a gismu x2 by standard x3 according to x4, over the objections of x5, even though it would conflict with gismu x6 and x7 is a perfectly good zi'evla
lujvo f1 (member) exhibits aneuploidy (atypical quantity of chromosome) of type/number n1 in/with respect to chromosome gc1 which is atypical of species/set gc3=f3 f2 is incorporated into x2=n1 and x3=gc1; the sumti filling in the last terbri may be a species or a set.
lujvo j1=z1 is nearer/closer to j2 than x3=z2 by amount z4. Cf. jbirai.
lujvo s1 dives [manner of controlled falling] to s2 from s3 into liquid j2. Different styles of diving: head first (=nitfarstedu jirsu'u), "cannonball" (=boitse jirsu'u), etc. See also zajyjirsu'u.
lujvo s1=j1 misunderstands fact/truth j2 (du'u) about subject j3, an error under conditions s3 by standard s4. Cf. ki'a.
lujvo x1 is weightless in gravitational field x2. In other words, the field is producing an imperceptible net force on the x1, due either to distance or to a cancellation effect due to a system of more than one massive body.
lujvo x1 wants to be/do x2 (ka) for purpose x3 ka-version of djica, that strengthens the relationship between x1 and the property.
lujvo x1 needs to be/do x2 (ka) for purpose x3 ka-version of nitcu, that strengthens the relationship between x1 and the property.