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lujvo l1=p1 uses Lojban for purpose p3; l1=p1 is a Lojbanist.
lujvo c2 is a prayer of believer c1=l2 for deity c3 in medium c4 according to religion l3.
lujvo x1 is a proper subset/subclass/subgroup/subcategory/subunit of/strictly within x2 with defining property (ka) x3 x2 contains but is not identical to x1; thus x1 is 'reduced' from x2.
lujvo z1 is a military base for armed forces j1 serving group/community j2 in function j3.
lujvo sin1 signals whether sin3=sis1 should stop; sin1 is a traffic light also pedestrian signal (jezystisni lo cadzu)
cmavo-compound even Used to indicate an intense additional case or intense additional cases. ex.) lo xagji cribe cu citka lo cinki ku ji'a sai (A hungry bear will eat even insects.)
lujvo b1 is a metal bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container made of metal for b2 with lid b4.
lujvo j1=b1 is a prosthetic bone made of metal, performing function b2 in body b3.
lujvo d1=s1 is a ring/belt/band/girdle around/circling/ringing s2 near total containment in some dimension(s).
lujvo g1 is a diving/dive/scuba mask covering the face of g2=f2=j1, for use in liquid j2.
lujvo p1 [ordered set] is a train/procession/caravan/string sequenced/ordered/listed by comparison/rules p2 on unordered set p3=j1=j2.
lujvo p1 is a phrase of sentence p2=j1 about j2 in language j3.
lujvo k1 is a cuisine pertaining to culture/geographical region/ethos/religion k2 with dishes j2 cooked/prepared by recipe(s)/method(s) j3 (process).
lujvo t1 is a frying pan/wok used by cook j1 for cooking/frying/sautéing j2=t1, made of material t3
lujvo x1 is a fellow creature of x2; x1 and x2 belong to the same taxon x3
lujvo x1 (agent) count-measures/evaluates x2 = m2 [quantity] as x3 = k3 = m3 [number counted] items/units of/in/pertaining to set x4 = k2, on scale x5 = m4 (si'o; default: from 0 representing nothing/no instances of the item, and by (units of) 1 for each additional occurrence if the item is quantized) with accuracy x6 = m5 (ideally should be exact/perfect). x2 is countably measurable. The scale sets the "counting [off] by units" and most countable things are counted from "0" (meaning nothing/no instances of the item in question) with each additional occurrence of the (quantized) item being represented by an addition "1". See: kamre, zilkacmre.