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lujvo k1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of cream [dairy product] of composition/from milk k2=l1.
lujvo f1 is a/the pudental cleft/cleft of Venus/vulvar slit[rima pudendi; part of the vulva] of v2=f2.
lujvo l1=k1 is a quantity of romaine/cos lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. longifolia) of strain/cultivar k2.
lujvo c1 is a family farm/ranch at c2, farmed by family c3=l1 (mass), raising, producing c4.
experimental cmavo lisri modal, 1st place: in/belonging to/of/from story... Of a character, location, event, etc.; something which exists in the universe of the story.
lujvo m1=l1 is a quantity of firewood/fuel wood from tree(s) of type/species m2, for powering l2.
lujvo n1 is a drafting by author l3=t1 of story l1=t2 using method t3.
lujvo b1=r1 is a cobblestone of material b2=r2 in floor l1.
lujvo p1 is a wash tub/bath tub, for l1 to wash p2=l2, made of material p3.
lujvo t1 is a sink, for l1 to wash t2=l2, made of material t3
lujvo x1=m1=g1=xl3 is an inappropriate anglicism made by x2=xl2, inappropriate according to x3=m3 Refers to any kind of inappropriate reliance upon English in a Lojban (or non-English language) expression, but is most common for calques. Is sometimes even extended to cover reliance upon cultural assumptions. This lujvo is made to have more-specific rafsi-connotations than the historical lujvo-term "malglico" (under malgli), and to avoid possible clashing with the common lujvo construction of "malbroda" meaning "d**ned broda / broda in a bad way". The xl2 place is also useful, allowing (mi se malglixlu) and (di'u malglixlu mi)
lujvo m1=b1 is a cow [an adult female bovine] of variety/breed b2 that has had calf/calves m2
lujvo m1=j1 is a hen of species/breed j2 with offspring x3=m2.
lujvo s1 is a spliff/cigarette made from marijuana and tobacco s2=m1=t1 by s3.
lujvo b1=n1=m1 is a bull [adult male cattle/beef-producer/bovine] of species/breed b2.
lujvo m1=j1=c1 cannibalizes c2. m1=j1=c1 is a cannibal.