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lujvo x1=m1 (non-agentively) suddenly moves/teleports/abruptly relocates/'jumps' in location to destination x2=m2 from origin x3=m3 by path (if applicable) x4=m4 (default: linear/projective/geodesic path connecting endpoints is implicitly assumed by speaker, but actual movement over this path is not necessary and may not even actually be true) Concerning x4: for example, teleporting from one point on Earth to another does not involve any actual movement physically over a path, but the movement can be considered to 'be over' the linear/geodesic interval connecting the endpoints. Movement in this sense relies on a change of location, not necessarily any intermediate connecting steps/paths.
lujvo x1=r1 (nu) physically causes x2=t1 (object, usually pointed) to poke x3=t2 (experiencer) under conditions x4=r3 x4 are the conditions of the causation. Use jai or tack its rafsi -jax- on the front to make the x1 into an concrete sumti, presumably the person doing the poking.
lujvo x1 is a metaphor [of affix compound] with meaning [of affix compound] x2 with argument [of affix compound] x3 with affix compound x4; x1 is the tanru/metaphor construct of complex word/affix compound/lujvo x4 x4 is a compound word that is composed of various morphological/lexical "parts" that represents the underlying tanru/construct x1. Since this word is language-independent, the metaphor construct need not be successively-binary, as it is in Lojban. x1 is the tanru construct that underlies/is used to interpret/analyze/"break apart" lujvo x4.
lujvo x1=c1=z2 laughs about x2=z1 (abstract) in property/aspect x3=z3; x1=c1=z2 is amused about x2=z1 (abstract) amusing in property/aspect x3=z3 which causes x1=c1=z2 to laugh. See also: cmila (to laugh, not neccessarly because of amuement)
lujvo x1 (quote) is the non-categorizer and non-hyphen remainder of zi'evla/fu'ivla x2 (quote), with properties/form x3 in language [of zi'evla] x4 Quotation may be improper. This is the part of the zi'evla that carries the specific meaning of the word; in stage-4 fu'ivla, the entirety of the word is this remainder; the categorizer rafsi and hyphen letter(s) are not included. See also: zifyvlaklerafsi
lujvo x1 is a gyp/baby's breath (genus Gypsophilia) of species/strain/cultivar x2. Its botanical name means "lover of chalk", which is accurate in describing the type of soil in which this plant grows.
lujvo m1 is a blood pressure measurer measuring the blood pressure m2 of subject b2 as m3 units on scale m4 with accuracy m5
lujvo t1 is a sphygmomanometer measuring the blood pressure m2 of subject b2 as m3 units on scale m4 with accuracy m5
lujvo k1=b1 is a cloak/cape of material k2=b2 An essentially flat piece of fabric worn fastened or tied around the neck, and reaching down the back.
experimental cmavo preserve formal interpretation of mekso subexpression with no substitutions made In a sense, "converts" an expression from one that has been tampered with in any way to exactly what was uttered in the first place. See: http://mw.lojban.org/papri/Proposal:_distinguishing_digits_from_numbers#Avoiding_the_.22.22D.22_Equals_.229.22.22_hole
lujvo ca1=t1=cn1 is a/the mode [value that appears most often] in property/amount cn2 (ka/ni) among cn3(s) (set) by standard cn4.
lujvo r1=g1 is a rainmaking/ ritual intended to invoke rain r2=g2, by custom/in communityr3, with form/rulesr4. Rainmaking is an ethnographic term for rituals intended to invoke rain. Raindancing (=lo nu cavgari'i dansu).
fu'ivla x1 is x2 shekels/tolas in mass by standard x3 Both are about 11.7 g (the shekel being more variable), and both are derived from a word meaning "weigh".
lujvo xa1=c1 is a gun/cannon/firearm for use against xa2 by xa3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3. jvajvo; Gismu deep structure is "cecla gi'e xarci".
lujvo b1=c1 is/are (a) calf/calves [infant cattle/beef-producer/bovine] of species/breed b2=c2. Young cattle of both sexes are called calves until they are weaned.
lujvo b1=f1=c1 is a heifer [young female bovine/cow] of species/breed b2=f2 by standard f3=c2.