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lujvo f1=z1=p1 holds the copyright for copying f2=p2 under law p3. "Copyright" itself might be "si'o fukzifypo'e". If you are actually translating something with a copyright notice, you should leave the notice in the original language.
lujvo f1=p1 is fermented bean paste of soybeans s1=p2. Fermented bean paste is a category of fermented foods typically made from ground soybeans, which are indigenous to the cuisines of East and Southeast Asia, such as miso.
lujvo m1 is a temperature measurer measuring the temperature of object m2=g1 as m3 units on scale m4 with accuracy m5
experimental gismu x1 searches network or collection of information/data/facts, etc. (especially the Internet) for information on topic/quote x2 using service/tool/search resource/function x3 provided by (host, company, etc.) x4 with accessed information sources (websites, network, documents, books, etc.) x5. x3 is a search engine that provides information/resource/output on topic/query x2 by way of organized and (semi-)automated/quick information search through many providers/sources of information including x5, with search service provided by x4 and provided to/used by/accessible to (potential or actual) user x1 (who does not actually perform the initial search/sorting/recruiting of information). x4 is a search engine service provider able to present search results via service/tool x3. Key word search, academic search, picture search, video search, map search, etc. can be expressed by x3; the algorithm and other means of searching through, organizing and ranking, and presenting the massive amount of information (provided by x5) may likewise be expressed by x3 (in brief). The creation and/or use of this word does not endorse Google or any other search engine service provider. Proposed short rafsi form: –gul–. See also: valfa
fu'ivla x1 (brivla/selbri) is used by place x2 (number/me'o+FA+bu) being filled with (a description of / symbol for) x3, in the usage of x4, according to rule(s) x5.
lujvo p1 is/acts as a friend to/of p2 in the context of their shared interest in j1 which reflects [Loglandic]/Lojbanic language/culture/nationality/community in aspect j2
lujvo x1=c1 is a scripture/religious book of religion x4=c4=l2 containing text x2=c2 written by x3=c3.
lujvo jdik1=jdim1 is a discount/sales allowance/abatement/price reduced by amount jdik3, of jdim2 (service/goods) to purchaser/consumer jdim3, discount set by vendor jdim4.
lujvo c1 is a trade/vocational school at c2 teaching job skills c3=j1 to audience/community c4=j2 operated by c5
lujvo x1=k1 is a kitchen, in which x2=j1 cooks x3=j2, in home/building/structure x4=k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor x5=k3 (mass/jo'u).
lujvo p1 is a pot used by j1 for cooking/boiling/steaming j2=p2 with recipe j3; pot made of material p3
fu'ivla x1 is (a) classic in/of genre/type x2 in aspects/features x3 by standard/judgment of x4 Generally considered to be transcendent, great, exceptionally good in overall quality, artistic and expressive, and (capable of) enduring.
fu'ivla x1 (event) coincides with x2 in x3 (property); x1 (event) is a coincidence, an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental x3 can describe x1 and x2 happening at the same time/place etc.
lujvo x1=v1 shaves/[removes hair] x2=k1=v2 from x3=k2=v3 Applies to any form of hair removal, not necessarily with a blade.
lujvo x1=m4=k3 is a placebo [substance with no pharmacological effect] which patient x2=m2=k1 believes/expects to cure ailment x3=m3, placebo given by doctor/nurse x4=m1.
lujvo p1 is a diploma entitling p2 to entitlement/privilege p3 (event/state) from school/institute/academy x4=c1 teaching subject(s) x5=c3.