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lujvo x1 is a quincunx/quincuncial arrangement/pattern formed from objects x2 according to rule/quadralateral x3 (contextless default: essentially square upon an essentially flat surface) Need not be "points"/"dots", but objects that are so arranged will typically be considered to be essentially similar and pointlike.
lujvo z1 sits in pike position/staff position/dandasana on surface z2. The upper-body should be extending upward, and the back should be completely perpendicular to the ground (as though sitting against a wall).
fu'ivla x1 is a cypress (genus Cupressus) of species/strain x2 with conesx3. The genus Cupressus is one of several genera within the family Cupressaceae that have the common name cypress.
lujvo p1 is a crayon made from wax p2=l1, held together by p3. p2=l1 does not neccessarily need to be the only material.
lujvo x1=ciste1 is a keyboard layout used by x2=ciska1 to enter letters/symbols x3=lerfu1=ciska2=cuxna2.
lujvo j1 is a driver's license/driving licence issued to j2 (person) by authority j3, of category/allowing to operate/drive vehicle s2=m1=j4.
experimental cmavo mekso n-ary operator: interleave sequences Given the ordered input of m sequences a_i wherein the jth term is a_(i,j), the output is a sequence z with the nth term z_n = a_(n % m, 1 + (n - n % m)/m), where "n % m" is the remainder of division/modulus of n by m.
lujvo x1 is a sequence of members x2, x3, x4, ... in that order. The ordering rule is simply the order of the arguments, the unordered set is the set with members x2, x3, x4, ...
lujvo ma1=g1 is a cosmetic/makeup for beautifying me1 in aspect me3, made up of material ma2 in form ma3 me2, me4 dropped. g2 is lo nu me1 melbi zi'o me3
lujvo z2 is a callipygian/person with beautiful buttocks m1=z2, beautiful to m2 according to aesthetic standard m4. The term comes from the Greek kallipygos, (first used for the Venus Kallipygos) which literally means "beautiful buttocks".
lujvo ml1 is ergot of species ml2. A fungus that grows on rye and other cereals; it contains the alkaloid ergotamine, which has hallucinogenic effects on humans and animals, and from which {LSD!en} is synthesized.
experimental cmavo Contradictory negation of a predicate The quantifier negation laws can be stated as: naku ro da zo'u da broda .ijo [su'o] da zo'u da na'ei broda, naku [su'o] da zo'u da broda .ijo ro da zo'u da na'ei broda.
lujvo x1=d1 is a period of x2=d2 non-working days/vacation days/holidays for worker x3=g1 at job x4=g2 Removed djedi3 as being unneeded.
experimental cmavo Indicator for moderate or normal attitudinal intensity Used to indicate the "default" intensity of attitudinals, the intensity that is implied when for example using a bare "ui" (which is in-between "sai" and "ru'e"). Useful mostly together with pei. Derived from cnano.
lujvo s1 is/are grapefruit spoon/orange spoon [item of cutlery] suitable for eating citrus fruit s2=n1 made of material s3. An orange spoon (in American English: grapefruit spoon), tapers to a sharp point or teeth, and is used to separate citrus fruits from their membranes.
lujvo x1 is a monarchal territory/noble territory/regency (territory)/kingdom (territory)/queendom (territory) of ruler x2 Not the government, subjects, etc., merely the territory. Of what the territory is can be specified, by various means, within x2 (but not as the main sumti thereof).