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lujvo x1=n1 (event) is a shipwreck/breaking of ship/boat x2=s1=b1 in which it function/capability x3=s2 is compromised/ruined/damaged
lujvo n1 is a passage where goer k1 comes/goes to destination k2 from origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5.
lujvo l1 is a American lotus/yellow lotus/water-chinquapin/volée, plant/flower/herb of species/strain l2. The Linnaean binomial Nelumbo lutea (Willd.) is the currently recognized name for this species, which has been classified under the former names Nelumbium luteum and Nelumbo pentapetala, among others.
lujvo c1 is a book containing poem/verse c2=p1 by book author c3 to book’s audience c4 preserved in medium c5.
lujvo t1 is a (drinking) straw/sucker of material t2 used by drinker/sucker (agent) p1=t1 for drinking beverage/drink/liquid refreshment p2 from/out-of container/source p3.
lujvo p1 is a/the translation process in which {f1 translates text/utterance{f2 to language {f3 from language {f4 with translation result {f5 proceeding in stages {p2.
lujvo c1 x1 (mass) is a/the central nervous system interrelated by structure c2 among neurons/components n1=c3 (set) of body n2, displaying c4 (ka).
lujvo j1=r1 is a thesis statement/main argument/most significant among arguments r2 (set/name of essay/work), about/for stand j2=d2 (du'u) against d3 (du'u), by arguer d1 in language j3.
lujvo d1=s1 (individual, mass) performs a ceremonial/ritual dance for purpose/goal r2, by custom/in community r3, with form/rules r4 to accompaniment/music/rhythm d2.
lujvo d1 is/are (one or more of) the British Islands [United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; the Bailiwick of Jersey; the Bailiwick of Guernsey (including Alderney, Herm and Sark); the Isle of Man] British Islands is a term within the law of the United Kingdom.
lujvo g1=s1=c1 is a vacuum cleaner for cleaning g2=j1 (object/area)/removing dust/containment/dirt s2=j2 controlled/[triggered] by cleaner x3 (agent).
lujvo Computer j=1=s1 is connected to computer j2=s1 via medium j3. I.e. Network connection. x3 could be, for example, a cable or network.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 connects to/has remote shell session on x2 over ssh to perform action(s) x3 (ka of x1) with credentials x4. Contextually, the type-4 "(sec)kiurceli" is a possibility. Also, "x1/x4 performs x3 over ssh".
fu'ivla s1 is a sugo alla puttanesca/puttanesca sauce [pasta sauce] for use with pasta s2 [default: spaghetti], containing ingredient(s) including s3. Recipes may differ; the Neapolitan version is prepared without anchovies, unlike the version popular in Lazio, and chili pepper is sometimes added. Traditionally, the sauce is served with spaghetti
fu'ivla x1 has saudade of x2 (object, event) x1 has a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic missing, longing for an absent x2 that x1 loves
lujvo x1=t1 is a hat worn by/on the head of x2=t2=s2 for purpose x3=t3. s1 is fairly clearly redundant (it's rather obvious whose head it is).