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fu'ivla c1 is dragon's blood [bright red resin] of plant species c2 (genus Croton/Dracaena/Daemonorops/Calamus rotang/Pterocarpus). The red resin was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye. It continues to be employed for the aforementioned purposes by some. Not to be confused with blood from a dragon which is "lo ciblu be lo ranmrdrakono".
obsolete cmavo mekso 4-nary operator: spherical harmonics on colatitudinal/polar angle a and azimuthal/longitudinal angle b of unassociated order c and associated order d. Usually denoted Y^m_l (\theta, \phi). The Condon-Shortley phase must be prepended to the definition. The normalization is chosen so that the integral over all (solid) angles of Y^m_l(\Omega) conj(Y^n_k(\Omega) = \delta(m,n) \delta(l,k).
fu'ivla x1 (system) is a deterministic dynamic system displaying chaotic/extreme input-sensitivity in property/aspect x2 with characteristics (parts, relations, manner, output, etc.) x3 Some definitions of "Chaos" require that the system must be deterministic and dynamic, sensitive to initial conditions, display/develop topologically mixing (in some subset of its phase space), have dense periodic orbits.
lujvo x1=p1 is the t(h)alweg (path following the deepest points along the course) in/of/belonging to geographical/hydrological/potential feature x2=c1=t1 from x3=p2 to x4=p3 "Potential" in the definition refers to the scalar field, a sense used in physics.
lujvo t1=g1=r1 is an indehiscent fruit/seed-envelope (which remains closed/sealed and whole) of organism t2 with potential to produce/containing/enclosing offspring t3=g3 preventing passage to g2 (default: external environment) r2 is assumed to be indefinite (indehiscent fruit must be processed/stimulated by active external means in order to release their seeds). There is no reason for the 'fruit' to necessarily be of a plant, although it probably will be.
lujvo x1=ka1 (agent) mines material/ore x2=ku1=ka2 of type x3=ku2 from mine/source x4=ku3=ka3 using tool x5=ka4. Used in Theodore Reed's translation of A Princess of Mars.
lujvo x1=r1=l1 is a quantity of lava/magma [liquid rock] of composition including x2=r2=l2 from location x3=r3 under conditions x4=l3. No distinction on whether it has erupted yet.
lujvo x1=p1 is a photosynthesis process in which light (energy) and other substances x2=g1=b1 converts into substances/chemical energy x3=b2 under conditions x4=b3 in plant/organism x5=j1, proceeding in stages x6=p2.
experimental cmavo attitudinal category question: what is the category (UI4) of attitudinal? Specifically asks about the UI4-category, either when attached to attitudinals or used alone. Valid answers include both the category on its own and a whole UI with additional specifiers (as long as the category is included). Of course, any relevant -nai or -cu'i of the category must be included in the answer.
lujvo s1 is a concept of dualism/an idea that the fundamental part of existence f1 differs/is distinct from/contrasts with/is unlike the other fundamental part of existence f2 in property/dimension/quantity f3, by thinker s2. Mind-body or mind-matter dualism (e.g. Cartesian Dualism) or physical dualism (e.g. the Chinese Yin and Yang)and others.
fu'ivla x1 is a spray aerosol of suspended substance/composition x2 in pressurized container x3 delivered under propulsion x4 (gas suspending the spray; pressure, temperature characteristics; etc.) through nozzle system x5; x5 is an atomizer/nebulizer/sprayer that delivers x1 by/under (force) x4 from container/source x2.
lujvo d1=k1 is a myriad/at least ten thousands (10000) of d2=k2 in dimension/aspect d3=k3 (default is units). 'Myriades' in classical Greek is similar to the use of 萬 or 万 in East Asian languages, it can also be used generically to denote any "numberless", "countless", or "infinite" large quantity.
fu'ivla x1 is a bikin/two piece skimpy woman's garment of material x2 consisting of top x3 and bottom x4 Can be used in the sense of swimwear, or coordinated underwear, or even skimpy outerwear. The key aspects are two piece, for women, and covering little more than the breasts and crotch.
lujvo x1 is the default in/of function x2 pertaining to x3 when no option is chosen/specified from potential/candidate pool (set, list) x4 under additional/other conditions x5 Chooser may be specified by x3 or x5 (albeit with somewhat different meanings) but is not inherently important to the property of a default.
fu'ivla x1 is a widget of user interface x2. See also: button (={batke zei uidje}), checkbox (={jetnu zei uidje}), radio button (={gribatke zei uidje}), tooltip (={skicu zei uidje}), text field (={ciska zei uidje}), address bar (={samjudri zei uidje}), drop-down list (={pejypoi zei uidje}), progress bar (={nilmu'o zei uidje}), label (={tcita zei uidje}), window (={pevyca'o zei uidje}).
lujvo x1=m1 counteracts sweat odor (deodorant/antiperspirant) due to property x2=z3 (ka), with composition including x3=m2 in shape/form x4=m3 Deodorants hinder body odor (from bacterial breakdown of sweat) in some way (masking/destruction); antiperspirants, a subgroup, reduces actual perspiration.