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fu'ivla x1 turns off / deactivates x2 See akti, aktigau, ca'arcadgau
li cy so my ci no tcika lo nu lo zarci co'a akti
Shops start working at 9:30
lo zarci be lo rectu co'u akti de'i li cy vo
The butchery closes at 4 o'clock.
experimental gismu x1 is turned on / activated / operational for function x2 Syn. akti. Turned off = nalkatci, to turn on (agentive) = katcygau, to turn off (agentive) = nalkatcygau. Also see tolpo'u.
lujvo x1 is capable of performing functions/ready for use or service x2; x1 is operable, functional, operational, usable, unbroken, useable, utile See also akti, ka'e se pilno, spofu
fu'ivla x1 is enthusiastic, excited about x2 (event / property of x1) See also gleki, cinmo, zdile, cmila, cisma, xanka or carmi akti for the meaning 'excited (in high energy state)'