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fu'ivla x1 is a spider (order Araneae) of species x2 More specific than jukni. See cinki
xu do terpa tu'a lo ankabuta
Are you afraid of spiders?
lo silka be lo ankabuta ka'e tsali
Spider's silk can be durable.
fu'ivla x1 is a tick of family/genus x2 See also jukni, ankabuta, iksodida.
lo ankabuta cu jivbu lo julne lo se cigla be fi vo'a
Spiders weave nets from secrets of their glands.
gismu rafsi: juk x1 is a spider/arachnid/crustacean/crab/lobster/non-insect arthropod of species/breed x2. Due to the unusual grouping of concepts in this definition, ankabuta is favored for "spider". See also cinki, danlu.