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lujvo t1=n1=b1 is the emperor/empress/kaiser/tsar of peoples/territories t2. Cf. banli, nobli, turni, nolraitru, nolkansa, nolse'u, gugja'a, truralju.
va'o lo banli lisri pe fi'e la .kristian.anasn. zi'e pe me'e lu lo cnino taxfu be lo balnoltru li'u lo re tcica cu nupre fi lo balnoltru fe tu'a lo cnino taxfu poi na ka'e se viska da poi ke'a na mapti lo ke'a jibri gi'a nalvu'e gi'a bebna
In Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes," two swindlers promise an emperor beautiful new clothes that are invisible to anyone who is unfit for their position, unjust or stupid.
lujvo j1 is the president of people g2 in country g3. Cf. gugde, jatna, balnoltru, vliraitru, viptru, truralju, trupauja'a, vajraifla.
lujvo k1 is a courtier to sovereign/aristocrat/noble k2 in culture/country n2=k3. Cf. nobli, kansa, nolse'u, nolraitru, noltronau, noltruni'u, balnoltru.
lujvo s1 is a servant of sovereign/aristocrat/noble s2=n1 in culture/country n2 with responsibilities s3. Cf. nobli, selfu, nolkansa, nolraitru, balnoltru.
lujvo ni1=j1=no1 is a Duke/Baron/Count/Earl/Marquess/ [titled noble of middle rank] ruling j2 under culture/standard no2. Cf. nobli, jitro, nanmu, noltroni'u, noltruni'u, nolraitru, balnoltru.
lujvo ni1=j1=no1 is a Duchess/Baroness/Countess/Marchioness/ [titled noble of middle rank] ruling j2 under culture/standard no2.. Cf. nobli, jitro, ninmu, noltronau, noltruni'u, nolraitru, balnoltru.
lujvo r1 is the head-of-government of polity t2. Cf. turni, ralju, nolraitru, vliraitru, viptru, gugja'a, trupauja'a, balnoltru, vajraifla.
lujvo t1=n1 is a regent/monarch of t2 by standard n2. Cf. nobli, traji, turni, balnoltru, noltruni'u, noltrunau, noltroni'u, noltronau, nolse'u, nolkansa, gugja'a, truralju.