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lujvo ba1=be1 is an orchestra, consisting of performers be2, and conducted by be3, performing music z1=be4. Cf. cibjgataidamri, bikydamri, jgita.
lujvo d1 is a whip (musical instrument). Cf. balzgibe'e.
lujvo d1 is a triangle (musical instrument). Cf. cibjgatai, balzgibe'e, bikydamri.
lujvo b1 is an orchestra, consisting of performers b2, and conducted by b3, performing music z1. See also balzgibe'e.
gismu rafsi: bed be'e x1 is a crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons x2 directed/led by x3 organized for purpose x4. (x1 is a mass; x2 is a set completely specified); Also orchestra (= zgibe'e, balzgibe'e), outfit; x3 conductor; business, not necessarily incorporated (= cajbe'e, venbe'e). See also gunma, girzu, dansu, jatna, jitro, kagni, kamni, minde, ralju, cecmu, gidva.