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lujvo f1 progresses towards f2=x1 from f3 through stages f4. Cf. farvi, banro.
gismu rafsi: zen ze'a x1 (experiencer) increases/is incremented/augmented in property/quantity x2 by amount x3. See also jdika, zmadu, banro, jmina.
fu'ivla x1 is a scar on x2 See also cagna, xrani, vitno, pilka, cortu, kanro, banro, barna.
gismu rafsi: fav x1 develops/evolves towards/into x2 from x3 through stages x4. See also pruce, banro, makcu, ciste, cupra, ferti.
gismu rafsi: fre x1 is fertile/conducive for supporting the growth/development of x2; x1 is fruitful/prolific. Also fecund (note that the Lojban covers both potential and actual/realized fertility). See also vanbi, sidju, rorci, farvi, banro, cange.
gismu rafsi: min x1 adds/combines x2 to/with x3, with result x4; x1 augments x2 by amount x3. See also zmadu, banro, sumji, zenba, setca.
gismu rafsi: bra x1 is big/large in property/dimension(s) x2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm x3. See also banli, clani, ganra, condi, plana, cmalu, rotsu, banro, xanto.