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ti solri lo so'o barda planeta
This is a home star of several big planets.
no gerku cu zmadu ti lo ka barda
There is no dog which is bigger than this one.
lo do kanla cu barda zmadu lo do betfu
Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.
ra co'a se asna lo ckape ne'a le barda fenra
He took a dangerous pose near the abyss.
lo tanxe pu barda lo ka se canlu
The box occupied large space.
lo nu penmi pu barda lo ka se ditcu
The meeting lasted for a large amount of time.
lo snime pu carmi carvi lo lalxu lo barda dilnu
It was snowing hard onto the lake from a large cloud.
lo junla ca cpana lo se dacru be lo barda
A clock stands on a chest of big drawers.
lo xanto cu se ganti lo barda lo nakni
Male elephants have large testicles.
ti gugde lo cilce prenu lo na'e barda
This is a country of wild people covering not a big territory.
la alis cu se kanla lo barda je melbi
Alice has big beautiful eyes.
lo vi kumfa be lo xotli cu barda
This hotel room is large.
le te cange pu plixa lo dertu lo barda
The farmer ploughed the ground using a large plow.
lo cipni ta'e bacru lo tonga be lo barda
The bird produces a high pitch.
lujvo k1 is numerous on a scale of k3. Cf. barda, klani, so'imei.
lujvo t1 is a tone high in pitch/frequency from source t3. Cf. barda, tonga, cladu.