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lujvo be1=ba1 is the Bengali language used by ba2 to communicate ba3 (si'o/du'u, not quote). Cf. bengo, bangu, banbu'enu.
experimental gismu x1 is the 'back', dorsum of body x2 Opposite of ventral part of the body. Not necessarily should be a posterior part of the body. Determined by bilateral symmetry of the body. See also vente, trixe, cutne.
gismu rafsi: big x1 is bound/obliged to/has the duty to do/be x2 in/by standard/agreement x3; x1 must do x2. Also x3 frame of reference. See also zifre, fuzme.
experimental cmavo attitudinal: silliness - maturity Expresses silliness, similar to one sense of ":P" (another sense being "zo'o"). What the speaker said is intended to be interpreted as being silly (not necessarily the same as humorous). Based on bebna and zo'o. See also zo'o, bebna
experimental cmavo naturalistic interjection: used to express a fit of overwhelming or uncontrollable laughter; the stereotypical 'evil laugh' Additional -'a syllables may be added as desired. See u'i, le'o, xa'a, cmila, palci
fu'ivla x1 defines x2 (nu/du'u) to be true / to happen // x2 is true because x1 says so or thinks so. Based on ca'e, gasnu. Near-synonym with jetrinsku
lujvo x1 is a beetle of species x2. Not to be confused with ckacinki; Cf. kokcinela, kurkuli, gusycinki.
gismu x1 repairs/mends/fixes x2 for use x3. A repair may be incomplete, fixing only one of the possible uses of x2, hence x3. See also cfila, spofu.
ciska zei uidje
zei-lujvo c3=u1 is a text field with text c2 in user interface u2. May be a single-line text field or a multiple-line text field. See {pejypoici'a zei uidje}, uidje.
lujvo s1=c1 is a deep/rumbling sound produced by s2=c2 from point of reference c3. c3 could also be interpreted as a particular pitch/frequency. See also: condi, sance.
lujvo g1 causes c1 to [rest on]/[be on top of]/[lie on] c2 in frame of reference c3. Cf. cpana, gasnu.
lujvo t1=c1 is/are the frontmost among set/range t4 which faces/in-frame-of-reference c3. Be careful not to use this when li'enrai is meant. Their meanings may overlap somewhat.
experimental cmavo other than me Can include do. ma'a can be defined as "mi jo'u do jo'u da'ai"
lujvo p1 (person) is a road user using road/highway/street/path/(square) d1=p2 for purpose p3. x1 could be a driver/passenger/pedestrian/skater/cyclist etc.
experimental cmavo attitudinal modifier: supposed emotion - factual emotion Used for emotions that are non-factual, for example when talking about hypothetical events. la'a ui dai'i mi ba te dunda lo karce lo mi patfu I will probably be given a car by my dad and I would feel happy about it if that happened.
gismu rafsi: dam x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of smoke/smog/air pollution from source x2. x2 may be a fire. See also pulce, gapci, sigja, bumru.