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lujvo s1 is/appears to be of ash color/hue as perceived/seen by x2=s3 under conditions x3=s4. Cf. fagyfesti.
lujvo g1=f3 aims at f1 with f2 (object/event). x3 can be x1 itself or an extra object/event such as "weapon", "effort", etc. Cf. farna.
lujvo f1 = k1 [sequence] is able to be / capable of being reversed from / into sequence f2 by event k2 under conditions k3 (event / state). From fatne + kakne.
lujvo x1 (me'o) is the p-adic representation of number x2 in base x3. can be infinitely long to the left but not the right; for repeating p-adics (krefu fatysaclu) use ra'e before pi
lujvo g1 [person/agent] annoys, by doing f1 [event], f2 [person]. The annoyance must not neccessarily be intentional. Cf. fanza (for an annoying event), gasnu.
lujvo x1 is/demonstrates/exhibits sexual orientation toward females in situation x2 by standard x3 In a gender binary, this word covers half of each heterosexuality and homosexuality. It is not strict (in other words, bisexuals are both male- and female-attracted). Could be useful for transexuals with a definite preference, as well. See also: naktricinse
lujvo g1 [person/agent] causes f1 to be easy for f2 under condition(s) f3. Cf. frili, gasnu, filri'a, sutygau, sutri'a.
lujvo r1 [event/state] causes f1 to be easy for f2 under condition(s) f3. Cf. frili, rinka, filgau, sutri'a, sutygau.
lujvo x1 is an African elephant (genus Loxodonta) of species/breed x2. For example, x2 could be the African bush elephant or the smaller African forest elephant. See also: xanto, loksodonta (syn.), zdoxanto.
lujvo f1=z1=p1 holds the copyright for copying f2=p2 under law p3. "Copyright" itself might be "si'o fukzifypo'e". If you are actually translating something with a copyright notice, you should leave the notice in the original language.
fu'ivla x1 is the declined form of base noun x2 according to case x3 in language x4. The x2 is not necessarily a 'base' noun, and could be any form of the same noun. See also sumtcita, selbri
lujvo x1 (word/quote; probably gismu) conflicts with x2 (word/text; probably gismu) according to rules x3 Shortened from gimkamsmikezypro. Neither x1 nor x2 need be "official and accepted".
lujvo f1 (member) exhibits aneuploidy (atypical quantity of chromosome) of type/number n1 in/with respect to chromosome gc1 which is atypical of species/set gc3=f3 f2 is incorporated into x2=n1 and x3=gc1; the sumti filling in the last terbri may be a species or a set.
fu'ivla x1 (property of x3) is the grammar of language x2 for construct x3 that can be optionally added changing the meaning of the initial construct without it See also fletola, gerna
lujvo p1 is a state/province/region (first-level administrative division) of country p2=g1. Cf.gugde, pagbu. A province or region can also be a second-level administrative division; for these use gugypausle.
experimental cmavo attitudinal: disgust - attraction Expresses disgust (loathing, revulsion). Based on rigni, its opposite is trina (attraction, liking). To be used instead of the "disgust"/repulsion of a'unai for any kind of disgust whose opposite is not cinri, but trina.