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lujvo x1=k2 is a video game on platform x2=s1. Also tv/pc/computer game. x2 may be a personal computer, handheld device, video game console or arcade machine. See also: playing video game (=samyzilkeikei), playing on (gaming) computer (=samkei).
lujvo n1=s1 (agent) punishes n2=s2 [recipient] for atypical infraction n3=s3 (event/state/action) with punishment n4=s4. Notes: The main difference to sfasa is that the infraction must be atypical. See also malne'u, cnemu.
fu'ivla x1 is the [probably spatial] linear momentum [vector] of x2 in frame of reference x3 Three-vector. Technically, the word only implies a linear momentum; spatialness is perhaps implicit but should be specified in tanru for safety. See also: impetu, nejnimpetu, cnampetu, ocnerta.
lujvo x1 is the concept/idea of lujvo-equivalence, as held by x2 See si'o, jvomi'u, sidbo. Essentially to be used to talk about the concept of jvomi'u as a feature of Lojban, and to discuss its advantages and disadvantages.
gismu x1 is a skirt/kilt/dress of material x2; x1 is skirted [garment open at the bottom; not legged]. A skirted garment may be full length (pastu), but must hang below the waist from support above or at the waist. See also taxfu, palku.
experimental gismu x1 expresses meaning x2 (du'u/si'o) to addressee/audience x3 by doing x4 (property of x1) Gismu form of smusku. The act (x4) may or may not be linguistic. Proposed rafsi: -sus-. See also cusku, smuni, corci
lujvo d1 is a dormitory (building/place) where people x2 (complete mass) sleep. x1 is from dinju and x2 is invented but related to sipna_1. x2 should be used for all the people; e.g. "mi se sorsipydi'u" incorrect speaking for yourself.
lujvo s1=b1 is a rib of s2=b2. During the development of mammalian embryos, fused-on remnants of ribs can be traced in neck vertebrae (cervical ribs) and sacral vertebrae. In reptiles, ribs sometimes occur in all vertebrae from the neck to the sacrum. Cf. bongu, cutne.
gismu rafsi: tak x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of ceramic made by x2, of composition x3, in form/shape x4. Made of baked clay or other non-metallic solid; x3: composition including x3, which need not be complete specification. See also kliti.
fu'ivla x1 is the predicate abstraction described by text x2, and is of type x3 Brivla form of su'u. "se su'umdu" be used to talk about NU-clauses in general. See nundumu, du'umdu, zilkai, zilki'i, bridi, astrato
lujvo x1 is an abstraction involving x2 Coined as the "magic brivla" for tu'a, where tu'a ko'a = "lo suvyco'e be ko'a". suvyco'e : tu'a :: selsni : la'e :: srana : zo'ei
lujvo d1=k1 is a myriad/at least ten thousands (10000) of d2=k2 in dimension/aspect d3=k3 (default is units). 'Myriades' in classical Greek is similar to the use of 萬 or 万 in East Asian languages, it can also be used generically to denote any "numberless", "countless", or "infinite" large quantity.
experimental cmavo explicit indicator that the speaker is completing/continuing a previously uttered bridi in the discourse The following text, until the next usage of .i, will be interpreted as being attached to a previous bridi, most likely, the most recently uttered one in the discourse/conversation that was not closed with .i.
fu'ivla x1 is a bikin/two piece skimpy woman's garment of material x2 consisting of top x3 and bottom x4 Can be used in the sense of swimwear, or coordinated underwear, or even skimpy outerwear. The key aspects are two piece, for women, and covering little more than the breasts and crotch.
lujvo x1 is the default in/of function x2 pertaining to x3 when no option is chosen/specified from potential/candidate pool (set, list) x4 under additional/other conditions x5 Chooser may be specified by x3 or x5 (albeit with somewhat different meanings) but is not inherently important to the property of a default.
lujvo x1 is a pen tip/nib with thickness/width x2; x2 is the kulmusim/width of the tip of pen/quill x1 cisni is an experimental gismu. x2 could be treated as a unit, but additionally use gucrau or just gutci for disambiguation.