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le'e cmima be la tatoebas cu xendo
The users of Tatoeba are kind.
.au mi viska lo mamta be do
I want to see your mother.
lo patfu be do cu rajycla
Your father is tall.
lo patfu be do cu claselxadni
Your father is tall.
so'u xabju be la.kioton. cu pendo ra
She does not have many friends in Kyoto.
lo speni be mi cu mikce
My wife is a doctor.
lo seldau be ra cu racli
His argument is rational.
lo ronru'u be li re cu jdima
It costs 2 euros.
mi citka be'a le zdani be do
I eat to the north of your house.
mi bajra ve'a lo minli be li
I ran for a mile.
bevri lo baktu be lo djacu
They carried water in buckets.
le mensi be mi zo'u melbi ninmu
My sister was a beautiful woman.
lo dalpe'o be mi cu bilma
My pet is sick.
mi ralte lo remei be lo gluta
I have a pair of mittens.
lo patfu be mi ku kanro
My father is in good health.
ma se rairnei be do xe draci
Who's your favorite actor?