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mi nelci lo bangu be mi
I like my language.
.i mi tolmo'i lo cusku be ko'a
I forget who said it.
ko'a sipna je pilno be re kicne
She sleeps with two pillows.
lo sance be lo dzupoi cu snucanci
The sound of the parade died away.
di'u ba fanta lo raktu be mi
That will save me a lot of trouble.
mi ponse le rupnu be li mo'a
I don't have enough money.
lo stedu be mi cu kelvo du'eda
My head is too hot.
ma cmene le patfu be do
What is your father's name?
ti drata da poi sedjica be mi
This is little different from what I want.
.i lo selcpe be do cu tolracli
Your demands are unreasonable.
du lo pu fetspe be do
It's your ex-wife.
pe'i lo selpa'i be mi cu mlimelbi
I think my girlfriend is kind of cute.
.i ko selzu'e be la. kris. cuxna
Select action for Chris.
le seltra be ko'a mi fanza
His behaviour annoys me.
le tixnu be mi mi ca terpa
Now my daughter is afraid of me.
li pai dilcu lo se mitre be lo korbi be lo cukla lo se mitre be lo ravysirji be cy li no
The result of dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter is equal to pi.