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da plise je cpana be lo jubme
It's an apple and it's on the table.
da casnu lo ba selsa'a be da
They are talking about what they will sing.
ko'a selsau le jvinu be ko'e
He knows her by sight.
ko'a jgira tu'a le tixnu be ko'a
She is proud of her daughter.
le patfu be mi cu tcexau
My father is very nice.
ri nitcu lo kabri be lo sakta
He needs a cup of sugar.
mi se prami lo rirni be mi
I'm loved by my parents.
ko'a jgira tu'a lo bersa be ko'a
He is proud of his son.
mi jgira tu'a le patfu be mi
I am proud of my father.
le mamtu be ko'a cu merko
His mother is American.
ma stuzi lo nerkalri be lo muzga
Where is the entrance to the museum?
mi'a pagre lo kevna be lo bitmu
We squeezed through a hole in the fence.
mi prami lo rirni be mi
I love my parents.
mi xebni lo rirni be mi
I hate my parents.
ko klama lo crane be le kulku'a
Come to the front of the classroom.
lo .deiksas. mensi lo fetspe be mi
Dayxa is my wife's sister.