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lo bersa be mi cu flapro citnau
My son is a rebellious teenager.
vi zdani lo patfu be mi
This house is my father's.
.iu mi prami le lanzu be mi
I love my family so much.
.e'o ko jarco lo jaspo be do
Will you show me your passport, please?
mi jgari be le xance ku djica
I just want to hold her hand.
ti pixra le bloti be mi
This is a picture of the ship I was on.
.ue do djuno lo cmene be ko'a
It is surprising that you should know her name.
ko se sidju be mi curmi
Let me help.
lo morji be noda cu gleki
Those are happy, who forget everything.
coi mi'e nolraitru be lo munje
Hi, I'm the King of the Universe.
loi kerfa be la .marias. cu clani
Maria's hair is long.
ta cilra lo ladru be lo kanba
That cheese is made from goat's milk.
lo rirni be do pu prami mi'a
Your parents loved us.
mi de'a morji lo cmene be ko'a
I forgot his name.
lo mensi be mi ku misno
My sister is famous.
lo mensi be mi ku se jibri
My sister has a job.