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mi na jimpe le ctununta'a be ko'a
Her lecture is above my head.
ro lo selcti be mi cu badna
All I ate was bananas.
zukte lo se nupre be lo no'a
He is a man of his word.
ma se zvati lo be do kanla
Where are your eyes?
lo se cusku be do cu drani
What you said is correct.
mi ba finti lo danfu be ra
I'll solve that problem.
lo pendo be mi cu bebna
My friend is stupid.
lo selsku be ra cu censa jetnu
What he says is holy truth.
nelrai be mi esporte fa lo fudbolo
My favorite sport is soccer.
cnino fa no cnita be la lunra
There is nothing new under the moon.
ko tinju'i lo be do patfu
Listen to your father.
ri prami lo so'o panzi be ri
She loves her children.
lo skami be la tom na frati
Tom's computer is not responding.
lo cmene be mi cu cizra
My name is strange.
ma cmene lo tixnu be do
What's your daughter's name?
ko cliva lo zdani be mi
Get out of my house!