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mi pu cirko lo jaspu be mi
I lost my passport!
lo patfu be mi na xebni do
My dad doesn't hate you.
ko'a roroi cpedu lo selji'i be do
He always asks for your opinion.
la meris damba lo pendo be ri
Mary is fighting her friend.
frica le pu se kanpe be mi
This is different from what I thought.
lo bersa be mi cu fapro verntineidja
My son is a rebellious teenager.
ma cmene le patfu be do
What is your father's name?
si'a lo speni be mi cu go'i
My wife likes wine, too.
mi mutce caucni lo speni be mi
I miss my wife greatly.
lo speni be mi cu mutce melbi
My wife is very beautiful.
le stedu be mi cu kelvo du'eda
My head is too hot.
mi ponse le rupnu be li mo'a
I don't have enough money.
mi viska lo tarmi be lo plise
I see the form of an apple.
do tirna lo sance be ma
You hear a sound of what?
mi sumne lo panci be lo plise
I smell the odor of the apple.
mi smaka lo tasta be lo plise
I taste the taste of the apple.