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mi palpi lo sefta be lo plise
I touch feel the surface of the apple.
mi cortu lo birka be mi
My arm hurts.
mi ganse lo tarmi be lo plise
I sense the form of an apple.
i lo lanzu be do cu barda
Your family is large.
ma stuzi lo zdani be do
What is the location of your home?
li pai dilcu lo se mitre be lo korbi be lo cukla lo se mitre be lo ravysirji be cy li no
The result of dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter is equal to pi.
lo aftobuso be lo litru cu clani
Tourists' bus is long.
lo balre be lo dakfu cu kinli
The blade of the knife is sharp.
banzu lo se djica be mi
It's enough for me.
lo tixnu be mi cu melbi
My daughter is pretty.
lo bekpi be mi za'o se cortu
My back still hurts.
lo betfu be mi cu se cortu
My belly hurts.
lo denci be le fetsi pu blabi
Her teeth were white.
lo botpi be lo birje cu blaci
Bottles of beer are made of glass.
mi nitcu lo calku be lo stedu
I need a head helmet.
do canci lo jvinu be fi mi
You disappeared from my view.