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ro jatna be lo gugde cu se slabu ro drata jatna be lo gugde
The president of every country knows the president of every other country.
gau ko zgana fa mi lo cartu be lo nu'o se zvati be mi'o
Show me a map of a place where you and I haven't been.
mi cerda lo dinju lo patfu be mi lo se djica be ri
I inherited the house from my father according to his will.
mi na jimpe lo te ckini be lo panci bei lo se vecnu be fi do
I don't understand the relation between the smell and your purchase.
lo degji be lo be mi xance poi pritu cu cortu
The fingers of my right hand hurt.
lo pendo be mi cu finti lo draci be lo nabmi pe lo te seksi
My friend is the author of a drama about the problem of sexes.
lo gundi be lo taxfu be lo ka macnu se cupra cu carmi lo ka farvi
The industry of producing handmade dresses is developing.
ti jganu me'o a bu lo mitre be li pi mu gi'e stero be li re
This is an angle from vertex A having the lateral of 0.5 meters and subtending two steradians.
mi na jimpe lo smuni be lo se cusku be do
I don't understand the meaning of said by you.
le fetsi cu jungo lo ka tcila be lo flira be ce'u
The girl is Chinese in her face features.
lo nu mi volta lo zdani cu lerci lo se jinvi be lo mamta be mi
According to my mother, I returned home late.
lo menli be lo smani cu simsa lo menli be lo remna
The mind of monkeys is similar to the one of humans.
mi nelci lo morna be lo pezli bei lo du'u lo gunma be ri cu cirkulo
I like patterns of leaves that form circles.
la alis cu se zdani lo munje be se xanri be vo'a
Alice lives in the world of her fantasies.
lo nakpinji be lo bakni pu klama lo nenri be lo vibna
The bull's penis entered the vagina.
e'o do ciska lo srana be lo fatci se lifri be do
Please write about related to your real experience.