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lo xanto cu bacru lo simsa be lo sance be lo tabra
Elephants produce sounds similar to trumpet.
ai ca lo vanci be lo bavlamdei mi vitke lo mamta be mi
I'm going to visit my mother tomorrow evening.
no drata be lo mamta be mi cu vlipa lo ka bapli lo nu mi cliva
Only my mother has power to make me leave.
mi pu ganse no drata be lo porsi be fi lo valsi i je mi na pu jimpe lo smuni be le porsi
I could only see a sequence of words, the sequence the meaning of which I couldn't understand.
lujvo be3=bi1 signs up / subscribes to be1 for publication be2 from be4 by means be5. Cf. benji, mrilu.
le mamta be mi'o cu terve'u lo cifyge'u seva'u mi'o
Our mother bought us a puppy.
mi pu penmi lo pendo be mi le vijytcana
I met a friend of mine at the airport.
da'i mi dunda ro drata be ti do
I'll give you anything but this.
lo botpi be lo birje cu marji lo blaci
Bottles of beer are made of glass.
e'o ko dunda lo kabri be lo ladru mi
Please give me a glass of milk.
mi na jimpe lo se cusku be do
I cannot understand what you say.
lo patfu be mi cu cikre lo spofu stizu
My father fixed a broken chair.
da'a ko'a tugni fo lo selpla be ra
All except one agreed to his plan.
mi'a ca'o xabju la.tokion. ze'a lo nanca be li xa
We have lived in Tokyo for six years.
la.kentaron. cu stali la.kioton. fi'o kansa lo pendo be vo'a
Kentaro is staying with his friend in Kyoto.
lo kanla be ra cu cilmo lo selklaku
His eyes are wet with tears.