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ra va zgana so'i klesi be lo danlu
He observed many types of creatures there.
lo se jdice be lo pajni cu mulno
The judge's decision is final.
mi snuti penmi ra bu'u lo tcana be lo sorprekarce
I met her by accident at the bus stop.
xu ra djuno fi lo fonjudri be do
Does she know your phone number?
ra pu stali lo zdani be lo ra fetfamti
He stayed at his aunt's house.
ra na jundi lo se cusku be ko'a
He paid no attention to what she said.
ra pu zvati lo stuzi be lo zekri
She was at the crime scene.
lo ctuca cu ganse lo selsre be lo tadni
The teacher took notice of the student's mistake.
lo tolci'o nanmu cu zunti lo se casnu be mi'a
An old man broke into our conversation.
xu do ka'e renvi lo seltra be ra
Can you put up with the way he behaves?
loi rirni cu te cmene lo cifnu be ri la.akiran.
The parents named their baby Akira.
loi rirni be mi penmi ca lo cmana
My parents met each other in the mountains.
ko'a na'e roroi tinbe fi lo rirni be ko'a
They don't always obey their parents.
lo nu morji lo cmene be ra cu nandu
His name is very difficult to remember.
ra te cmene lo bersa be ri zo djeimyz
He called his son James.
lo mi tanxe be lo cakla ma zvati
Where's my box of chocolates?