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lo zdani be la alis cu lamji lo ckule lo ka stuzi vau lo ka ce'u ce'u stici vo'a
Alice's home is adjacent to the school in where it is located and it is to the east of the school.
mi pu tcidu lo liste be lo notci noi te porsi lo ka se benji ca ma kau
I read a log of messages, which were sorted in the order of being sent.
mi lojbo no drata be lo ka se cinri la lojban i je mi na tavla bau la lojban
I'm a Lojbanic person only in that I'm interested in Lojban; I don't speak it.
lo gusni cu petso pa mitre be li ji'i so pi mu lo ka muvdu ca ro nanca
1 light-year is approximately 9.5 Petameters (Pm).
zo kansa rimni zo dansu la lojban lo ka ci lamji lerfu be ce'u cu mintu simxu
"kansa" rhymes with "dansu" in Lojban in that three adjacent letters in each of those words are the same.
mi pu salci lo nu mi nanca be li pa no vau lo ka litru la nipon
I celebrated my 10th birthday by traveling to Japan.
lo vi sunla kosta cu taxfu lo zvati be lo cmana gi'e bandu fi lo nu lenku
This fur coat is used by those who are in mountains and protects from cold.
mi jinvi lo du'u lo vi uenci be lo nu farvi fa le bangu cu mutce lo ka vajni
I think that these documents containing the development of the language are very important.
mi pu te vecnu lo ka se ctuca fi la lojban ze'a lo cacra be li ci
I bought three hours of Lojban lessons.
lo vi mlatu cu verba lo masti be li ci lo ka ca'o pinxe lo mamta ladru
This cat of three months old is still a kitten since he still drinks mother's milk.
zo oi e zo ua vu'o poi do pu cusku cu srana xu lo jibri be do
Are "Ouch" and "Eureka" that you said related to your job?
fu'ivla c1 is dragon's blood [bright red resin] of plant species c2 (genus Croton/Dracaena/Daemonorops/Calamus rotang/Pterocarpus). The red resin was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye. It continues to be employed for the aforementioned purposes by some. Not to be confused with blood from a dragon which is "lo ciblu be lo ranmrdrakono".
lujvo x1 is a scalar in structure/set x2 with properties (potentially including magnitude, etc. in a given metric and coordinate system) x3; x1 is a simple number; x1 is a number that lacks In some interpretations, for example, complex numbers may be scalars; in others (including mekso in a sense), they can be treated as two-component vectors (in which case "direction in the complex plane" and magnitude can be noted in properties x3).
lujvo p1 is a mora [linguistics]/component of syllable p2=s1 in language s2. A syllable containing one mora is said to be monomoraic (=pavyslakypau); a syllable with two morae is said to be bimoraic (=relslakypau). Also, in rarer cases, a syllable with three morae is said to be trimoraic (=cibyslakypau).
lujvo x1 is an object (may or may not be material); any object that can be the subject of a noun or sumti; "object" in object-oriented programming See sumti. Differs from dacti in that it need not be physical or material; also includes things like nu-events, du'u-propositions, etc.
fu'ivla x1 is extremely awe-inspiring/amazing and possibly humbling to experiencer/observer x2 Shouldn't be used too lightly.