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experimental cmavo Sumtcita indicating that the bridi must be true under the conditions indicated by the tagged sumti. See also narfaunarcu'i
cmavo-compound nowadays, wide sense of "now" The interval that is considered to be "now" by the speaker is relatively large(r).
gismu x1 is an era/epoch/age characterized by x2 (event/property/interval/idea). (x2 interval should be the defining boundaries; if merely a characterizing period, the nature of the interval should be expressed in an abstract bridi, or the interval should be marked with tu'a; x2 may also be characteristic object(s) or practices of the era, if marked with tu'a); See also ranji, temci, citsi.
lujvo x1 is trying to choose which of x2 (plural) to be in relation x3 with
lujvo t1 is the exponential result of base 10, or t2 to power/exponent t3. Can be used for scientific notation and "plex" numbers.
fu'ivla x1 pertains to the Gregorian calendar. If the context is clear, "detr-" can be omitted. Cf. {gregori zei nanca}, {gregori zei ctona'a}.
fu'ivla x1 exhorts/encourages x2 to do/be x3 See also .e'e
experimental cmavo zgadi/cadga modal; 1st place: with just/expected result ...; should/ought to result in ... Not necessarily causal; may be hypothetical.
fu'ivla x1 is reflects/pertains to creole language/culture x2 in aspect x3, which has influences/history/origin/ancestry x4 A Creole language must be a stable, full-fledged language that originated with the mixture of at least two superstrate languages (x4) and with a native population of speakers (x2; must be their first language). A Creole person can be similar (a unique and local descendent of partially foreign ancestry) or a native-born with foreign ancestry. Should probably be avoided for naming of Creole wiki mark-up.
experimental cmavo start quote of recent mistakenly uttered text to be replaced See le'ai.
lujvo xa1 is a babirusa of species xa2 not to be confused with xajmirli
lujvo g1 [person/agent] rescues/causes s1 to be secure/safe from threat s2.
experimental cmavo evidential question: how do you know that? Asks for UI2 (evidential) category, though a more detailed explanation may also be given.
experimental cmavo elliptical/generic/unspecific/vague selbri conversion Basically says 'in some (id est: at least one) ordering/permutation, these arguments and this selbri make sense [and I claim the produced sentence]'. The ordering may be complicated, or it could even be the case that multiple orderings work. Can be useful for when one does not quite remember or care about the exact definition of a brivla, including in sumti; can also be useful when the conversion is particularly complicated, when a desired terbri has a large index, or when multiple conversions are true; it is an allowed, if unhelpful, response to se'u'o.
lujvo c1=t1 is practical, likely to be applicable to event c2=t2.
lujvo x1 is timid/shy/abashed/reluctant to do /be x2. See also u'ocu'i