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la tom pu zukte da poi mutce se bebna
Tom did something very stupid.
ko na bebna lo ka fe da ca'o cusku
Don't be silly in repeating the same.
lo prenu cu bebna ki'u ma pau nai
Why people are so stupid?
sei mi bebna le zarci cu se stuzi lo drata
Silly me, the store is in another place.
ro prenu cu su'o va'e lo ka bebna
Every person is stupid to some degree.
gismu rafsi: pij x1 is wise/sage about matter x2 (abstraction) to observer x3. See also bebna.
experimental cmavo attitudinal: silliness - maturity Expresses silliness, similar to one sense of ":P" (another sense being "zo'o"). What the speaker said is intended to be interpreted as being silly (not necessarily the same as humorous). Based on bebna and zo'o. See also zo'o, bebna
la tom pu smusku lo nu vo'a jinvi lo du'u do bebna
Tom said he thinks you're stupid.
lo nu se bebna kei claxu jmive na tankomo lo ka prije kei lo ka jinvi
Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks.
mi pu za'e derpi i va'i mi pu cusku lo se bebna
I "derped". In other words, I said something stupid.
gismu rafsi: fek x1 (action/event) is crazy/insane/mad/frantic/in a frenzy (one sense) by standard x2. See also bebna, racli, xajmi.
lujvo k1 is quality/property exhibited by b1 of being foolish/silly/stupid in event/action /property (ka) b2. Cf. ka, bebna, nunbebna.
lujvo c1=m2 (person) is intelligent/smart by standard c3. Cf. menli, certu, bebna, pensi, crexalbo
lujvo n1 is an event of b1 being foolish/silly/stupid in event/action /property (ka) b2. Cf. nu, bebna, kambebna.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 emits random syllables x2 and hopes that x3 interprets them as meaningful, instead of the bullshit they actually are See pe'a, bebna, metfo, pesna, sidysmu
lujvo x2=b1 is foolish/silly in event/action/property (ka) x1=b2; x2=b1 is a boob. se bebna