lojbo jufsisku
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lujvo x1=s1 is honey from flower x2=s2 of composition x3=s3. bifce sakta
lujvo l1 is a quantity of nectar, of composition/material including sa1=l2 (mostly sugar), from plant sp1=sa2, liquid under conditions l3. See also: honey (=bicysakta), nectaries (=spasatlikcigla).
lujvo x1=v1=c1 is preserved food/feed/nutriment pickled/immersed in x2=j2. x2=j2 is salt (= silna), vinegar (= slami), alcohol (= xalka), sugar (= sakta), honey (= bicysakta), soy sauce (= sobysanso), bean paste (= furso'epesxu), mold paste (= mledi pesxu) and so on. jinru vitno cidja. See also slamystogau.