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gismu rafsi: big x1 is bound/obliged to/has the duty to do/be x2 in/by standard/agreement x3; x1 must do x2. Also x3 frame of reference. See also zifre, fuzme.
do bilga gi'u djica
You have to do it, whether you like it or not.
cmavo attitudinal: obligation - freedom. See also bilga, zifre.
mi bilga lo nu sipna
I have to go to sleep.
ra na bilga lo ka co'e
He does not have to do this.
do bilga lo nu klama lo spita
You had better go to the infirmary.
ra bilga lo nu prami do
He must love you.
ma'a bilga lo nu pensi lo pendo
We must think about friends.
do bilga lo nu jundi lo ctuca
You must pay attention to the teacher.
ra pu bilga lo nu klama
He was supposed to come.
va'i bilga lo nu senpi lo kaurselju'o
In other words, you should doubt common sense.
do bilga lonu do mipri ti
You should have kept it secret.
mi bilga lo nu klama lo ckule
I have to go to school.
ma'a bilga lo nu tadni lo glibau
We must study English.
mi bilga lo nu zvati noda
I don't have anywhere I need to be.
na bilga lo ka ro roi jetsku
You don't have to tell the truth all the time.