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.i le karce cu xe klama teri'a loza'i mi bilga lonu klama le zarci
When I have to go to the store, the car is a vehicle.
.i do bilga lonu pilno lo palku kei ni'inai loza'i do nanmu
Your being obliged to wear pants doesn't logically follow from the state of your being a man.
doi .robin. do na bilga .i ku'i zdile ji'u lo se jinvi be do
Hey Robin, you aren't obliged. However, it's amusing, based on your opinion.
mi bilga lo ka xrugau ti poi cukta ca lo cabdei
I have to return this book today.
mi bilga lo nu jungau no da lo du'u makau pu fasnu
I'm not supposed to tell anybody about what happened.
do bilga lo nu ternoi fi loi pulji ca lo nu pare'u kakne
You are supposed to report it to the police as soon as possible.
fu'ivla x1 (agent) thinks x2 (du'u/nu) should (moral obligation) be true/happen about subject/issue x3 on grounds x4 See ei, jinvi, bilga, bigji'i, zgadi
fu'ivla x1=l1 is a to-do-list for x2; x1=l1 is a list of things that x2 needs/is obligated to do From ei and liste. Compare nitcu, bilga, zukte, aiste
mu'i da'i lo nu tu'a do na cnixai ko'a kei do bilga lo nu toltce krori'a pe'a lo jetnu
If you don't want to hurt her feelings you're going to have to bend the truth a little.
experimental cmavo discursive: imperative/hortative ``ko'' is a short form of ''do ko'oi''; broader term than au, a'o, e'o, e'u, e'a, ei; minde, cpedu, curmi, pacna, stidi, djica, bilga
gismu rafsi: zif zi'e x1 is free/at liberty to do/be x2 (event/state) under conditions x3. Also unrestricted, unfettered, unconstrained; (adjective:) independent; (adverb:) willingly, voluntarily, freely, may, optionally; (potential:) x1 voluntarily does x2. See also pinfu, rinju, bilga, curmi, kakne, frili.
mi bilga cpedu fi la .nik. goi ko'a fe lo ko'a xa'urjudri .e lo ko'a fonjudri ca lo nu mi ba penmi ko'a ku
I must ask Nick his new address and telephone number when I see him.
mi bilga lo ka jai gau volta fai lo vi cukta ca lo cabdei vau lo pu se nupre be mi
I must return this book today fulfilling my earlier promise.
lujvo s1 (mass of facts) is the study of conduct-governing standards s2=m1 based on methodology s3. Major branches of ethics include "meta-ethics" ({ckaji zei madyske}), "normative ethics" ({bilga zei madyske}), "applied ethics" ({pilno zei madyske}), "moral psychology" ({menli zei madyske}), and "descriptive ethics" ({skicu zei madyske}). Cf. saske.