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gismu rafsi: bil x1 is military/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system x2 for purpose x3. Also paramilitary; soldier in its broadest sense - not limited to those trained/organized as part of an army to defend a state (= bilpre). See also jenmi for a military force, sonci, ganzu, pulji.
mi pu klama le bilni ginka ca'i la .kordobas.
I went to the military camp with Kordobas's authorization.
lujvo f1 (event) is a wargame, simulating combat by d1 against d2 over issue d3 (abstract). Cf. jamna, bilni.
lujvo b1 defends country b2=g1 from threat/peril/potential b3. Cf. jamna, damba, jenmi, bilni, sonci, tutra.
gismu rafsi: jem jei x1 (mass) is an army serving group/community x2 (mass) in function x3 (activity). See also bilni, sonci, xarci.
lujvo x2=b1 is military/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system x1=b2 for purpose x3=b3. se bilni
gismu rafsi: son soi x1 is a soldier/warrior/fighter of army x2. See also bilni, damba, jenmi, xarci, pulji.
lujvo x3=b1 is military/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system x2=b2 for purpose x1=b3. te bilni
lujvo sa1 is a field ration consisting of dishes including sa2, for so1 of army so2. Cf. sonci, sanmi, bilni, jenmi, fatri, pagbu
gismu rafsi: gaz x1 organizes x2 [relative chaos] into x3 [ordered/organized result] by system/principle(s) x4. x3 is also a system; x4 could be merely a function which inherently serves to dictate the organizational structure of x3. See also ciste, morna, stura, bilni, cabra.
gismu x1 is a police officer/[enforcer/vigilante] enforcing law(s)/rule(s)/order x2. Police officer, as an agent of authority (= ca'irpulji, ka'irpulji), as part of a police force (= puljysoi, as part of puljyselsoi); military police (= jempulji, bilpulji). See also catni, sonci, bilni, flalu, bandu, jemna, zekri, krati.