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gismu rafsi: bim bi'u x1 is a wall/fence separating x2 and x3 (unordered) of/in structure x4. See also jbini, sepli, fendi, canko, drudi, kumfa, loldi, senta, snuji, pagre, gacri, kuspe, marbi, vorme.
ma trixe lo bitmu
What's behind the wall?
banli jungo bitmu
Great Wall of China
da fenra lo bitmu
There is a crack in the wall.
lo gerku cu pipkla fo lo bitmu
The dog jumped over the fence.
mi'a pagre lo kevna be lo bitmu
We squeezed through a hole in the fence.
ko'a te ckana ne'a le bitmu ku
His bed is next to the wall.
lo greku be le bitmu cu mudri
The frame of the fence is wooden.
le bitmu so'i roi minra lo sance
The wall echoes the sound several times.
le tanxe cu mlana le bitmu
The box is to the side of the wall.
na kakne fa lo gerku lo ka cpare lo bitmu
A dog can't climb up a wall.
lo bitmu be lo purdi ce lo foldi cu rotsu
The fence between the garden and the field is thick.
le bitmu cu decti be lo mitre lo ka rotsu
The fence is 10 centimeters thick.
mi mo'u farlu lo dizlo be lo bitmu
I fell down to the foot of the fence.
mi mo'u tcidu lo se ciska le bitmu
I have read what is written on the wall.
da pu renro lo rokci to'o le bitmu
Someone threw a stone from the direction of the fence.