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lujvo g1=b3 is the shaft made of g2 of engine m1 in boat m2=b1. Cf. bloti, matra, grana, bloca'ega'a, blofanga'a, blopinfanga'a, blocpuga'a, blofarga'a.
lujvo g1 is the tiller made of g2 of boat/ship f2=b1. Cf. Cf. bloti, farna, grana, bloca'ega'a, blopinfanga'a, blofanga'a, blocpuga'a, blomatryga'a.
lujvo g1=c2=b3 is a punting pole made of g2 pushed by c2 in boat b1. Cf. bloti, catke, grana, blocpuga'a, blofanga'a, blopinfanga'a, blomatryga'a, blofarga'a.
lujvo g1=l2=b3 is an oar made of g2 pulled by l2 in boat b1. Cf. bloti, lacpu, grana, bloca'ega'a, blofanga'a, blopinfanga'a, blomatryga'a, blofarga'a.
lujvo g1=b3 is the mast made of g2 of sail f1 on boat f3=b1. Cf. bloti, falnu, grana, bloca'ega'a, blocpuga'a, blopinfanga'a, blomatryga'a, blofarga'a.
lujvo g1=b3=p1 is a/the boom/yard made of g2 of sail f1 on boat f3=b1. Cf. bloti, pinta, falnu, grana, bloca'ega'a, blofanga'a, blocpuga'a, blomatryga'a, blofarga'a.