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lujvo b1 is a globular cluster consisting of stars with properties t2. Cf. tarci, bolci, tarso'imei, tarci'e.
lujvo j3 is an American/Canadian football match/game with j1 playing/competing against j2 for prize/title j4. Cf. bemro, bolci, jivna, bemboijvi. For soccer match/game see boltipterjvi.
lujvo j3 is a soccer match/game with j1=t1 playing/competing against j2 for prize/title j4. Cf. bolci, tikpa, jivna, boltipyjvi, boltipyboi. For American/Canadian football match/game see bemboiterjvi.
lujvo j1=t1 plays soccer against j2 in competition j3 for prize/title j4. Cf. bolci, tikpa, jivna, boltipyboi, boltipterjvi. For American/Canadian football see bemboijvi.
gismu rafsi: cuk x1 is round/circular [2-dimensional shape/form]; x1 is a disk/circle/ring. Normally used for a filled-in circle/disk, but emphasis on roundness means that the concept may include 'ring'. See also djine, ranji, bolci, tarmi.
gismu rafsi: bli x1 is a block [3-dimensional shape/form] of material x2, surfaces/sides x3. x3 sides/surfaces should include number, size, and shape; also polyhedron (= pitybli having flat/planar sides/surfaces). regular polyhedron (= kubybli, blikubli), brick (= kitybli); See also tapla, kubli, tanbo, canlu, kojna, sefta, bolci, kurfa, tarmi.