lojbo jufsisku
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gismu x1 is an enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of x2 in struggle x3. See also damba, jamna, darlu, pendo, fapro, gunta, sarji, jivna, jinga.
no da bradi ra
She doesn't have any enemies.
ra na bradi da
She doesn't have any enemies.
do me lo mi bradi
You're my enemy.
lo bradi pu gunta lo tcadu
The enemy attacked the town.
mi djuno lo du'u xu kau ko'a bradi
I know whether or not he is an enemy.
mi djuno lo du'u ma kau bradi mi
I know who my enemy is.
gismu rafsi: ped pe'o x1 is/acts as a friend of/to x2 (experiencer); x2 befriends x1. See also bradi, xendo, nelci, prami, bradi.
fu'ivla x1 is a/the antagonist of/opposing protagonist x2 See also protagonista, bradi, fapro.
lo tance be mi mi bradi lo nu mi troci lo ka pilno le tance lo ka bacru lo lojbo valsi
My tongue is my enemy when I'm trying to use it to utter Lojban words.
lujvo x2=b1 is an enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of x1=b2 in struggle x3=b3. se bradi
lujvo x3=b1 is an enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of x2=b2 in struggle x1=b3. te bradi
gismu rafsi: gut x1 (person/mass) attacks/invades/commits aggression upon victim x2 with goal/objective x3. See also bradi, damba, darxi, jamna, jenca, jursa.
gismu rafsi: jam x1 (person/mass) wars against x2 over territory/matter x3; x1 is at war with x2. See also bradi, gunta, panpi, damba, darlu.
lujvo x3=b1 (event) defends/protects x2=b2 (object/state) from threat/peril/potential x1=b3 (event). te bandu; see also ckape, bradi, gunta
gismu rafsi: dab da'a x1 fights/combats/struggles with x2 over issue x3 (abstract); x1 is a fighter/combatant. Use x3 tu'a for fight over an object/objective. See also bradi, gunta, talsa, darlu, fapro, jamna, sonci.