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gismu rafsi: bri x1 (du'u) is a predicate relationship with relation x2 among arguments (sequence/set) x3. Also: x3 are related by relation x2 (= terbri for reordered places). (x3 is a set completely specified); See also sumti, fancu.
lu ma nuzba li'u bridi
"What's up?" is a clause.
lu mi dunda ti do li'u bridi lo ka dunda vau mi ce'o ti ce'o do
"I give this to you" is a clause with the main verb "give" and sequential places "I","this","you".
lu mi prami do li'u bridi lo ka ce'u prami ce'u vau mi ce'o do
"I love you" is a clause with the main verb "someone loves someone" and sequential places "I","you".
cmavo pro-bridi: repeats a remote past bridi.
cmavo pro-bridi: bridi/selbri/brivla question.
cmavo pro-bridi: repeats the current bridi.
cmavo start discursive (metalinguistic) bridi.
cmavo pro-bridi: repeats a recent bridi (usually not the last 2).
cmavo pro-bridi: repeats the next to last bridi.
cmavo pro-bridi: repeats a future bridi, normally the next one.
cmavo bridi logical affirmer; scope is an entire bridi.
cmavo pro-bridi: repeats the bridi in which this one is embedded.
la lojban pu mo'u se pagbu lo tcila gerna fi lo mekso .i lo se go'i cu panra lo bridi gerna be le narcmaci bangu
Lojban has incorporated a detailed grammar for mathematical expressions. This grammar parallels the predicate grammar of the non-mathematical language.
lu na ku mi nelci li'u zo'u lo ro bridi poi du lu mi nelci li'u cu se kuspe lu na ku li'u
As for "i naku mi nelci" the whole clause "mi nelci" is in the scope of "naku".
cmavo rafsi: com co'e elliptical/unspecified bridi relationship.