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cmavo rafsi: zaz abstractor: state (event) abstractor; x1 is continuous state of [bridi] being true.
lujvo x1 is a pro-bridi representing predicate relationship x2 with relation x3 among arguments x4. Cf. bridi, krati, sumka'i, cei.
lujvo x1 is a bridi-tail of predicate relationship x2 with relation x3 among arguments (sequence/set) x4. Cf. bridi, rebla.
experimental cmavo Description clause: create a sumti from the enclosed bridi, describing the referent of the created sumti as filling the bridi place filled with {ke'a}. Notes: Full-bridi equivalent of lo. Terminator: ku'au.
experimental cmavo afterthought abstraction wrapper Accepts 'gi'ei LE NU', 'gi'ei NU' (elided LE defaults to lo), or 'gi'ei LOhOI'. Wraps the bridi before it within an abstraction. e.g. 'mi klama le zarci gi'ei-le-nu cabna lo nu do klama' = 'le nu mi klama le zarci cu cabna lo nu do klama'. Also see xoi, jai'i. Grammar note: The gi'ei-group acts like a specialized vau, grabbing a single bridi. If you are in a sub-bridi of the bridi you wish to convert, you need to close the sub-bridi with vau, or use i'au to return to the top bridi of the sentence.
experimental cmavo Sumtcita indicating that the bridi must be true under the conditions indicated by the tagged sumti. See also narfaunarcu'i
cmavo-compound makes x1 the agent of a bridi; old 1st place moves to extra place (fai).
cmavo rafsi: jez abstractor: truth-value abstractor; x1 is truth value of [bridi] under epistemology x2.
cmavo rafsi: liz abstractor: experience abstractor; x1 is x2's experience of [bridi] (participant or observer).
experimental cmavo interrogative gadri: "which" Roughly equivalent to ma noi, but doesn't start a new bridi.
cmavo rafsi: muf abstractor: achievement (event) abstractor; x1 is the event-as-a-point/achievement of [bridi].
cmavo rafsi: nil abstractor: quantity/amount abstractor; x1 is quantity/amount of [bridi] measured on scale x2.
cmavo rafsi: nun abstractor: generalized event abstractor; x1 is state/process/achievement/activity of [bridi]. Terminated with kei.
cmavo rafsi: puv abstractor: process (event) abstractor; x1 is process of [bridi] proceeding in stages x2.
cmavo-compound compound abstractor: sentence/equation abstract; x1 is text expressing [bridi] which is x2.
cmavo rafsi: siz abstractor: idea/concept abstractor; x1 is x2's concept of [bridi].