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lujvo x1 is a brivla-based name for x2 used by namer x3 brivo + cmene; see brivla. Syn. brivlacme. List of common brivycme: http://mw.lojban.org/papri/brivycme
cmevla name: Mumble (voice chat software) brivycme variants: {la mliba'u}, {la mumble}
lujvo x1 is a cmevla-based name for x2 used by namer x3 cmevo + cmene. See cmevla, brivycme.
experimental cmavo single Lojban-word name quote, turns to selbri-unit: "x1 is that which has this name" Similar to ze'oi, but specifically used for names. Convenient for tanru with brivycme and grammars with brivla-cmevla merge, to avoid having to wrap a single word up in "me la ... ku".