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gismu rafsi: bun bu'a x1 is brother of/fraternal to x2 by bond/tie/standard/parent(s) x3; [not necess. biological]. See also mensi, tunba, tamne, famti, bersa.
ci da bruna ra
He has three brothers.
ko'a je mi bruna
He and I are brothers.
mi se bruna da
I have a brother.
lo re bruna ba'o mrobi'o
The two brothers have died.
lo patfu je lo bruna
Father and brother.
lo mi bruna cu ricfu
My brother is rich.
tu se ke cimei bruna
He has three brothers.
mi se bruna pa da
I have one brother.
lo bruna be mi co'a jdaca'i
My brother has become a priest.
ra rajyclazma lo bruna be vo'a
He is taller than his brother.
lo mi bruna cu sutra tavla
My brother speaks very fast.
mi djuno fi lo do bruna
I know your brother very well.
le do bruna le ckule na zvati
Your brother wasn't at school today.
lo do bruna cu sidju cpedu
Your brother is asking for help.
ma se zvati lo do bruna
Where's your brother?