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lo la .tam. citmau bruna cu mutce tolmencre
Tom's younger brother is dumb as a brick.
lo cmarai be lei re bruna pu cusku
The smaller of the brothers said this.
lo citnau poi do viska cu bruna mi
The young man that you saw is my brother.
lo bruna be mi ca zvati la Australias
My brother is now in Australia.
lo drata bruna be do cu zvati ma
Where's your other brother?
mi kucli lo nu le nixli cu prami le bruna
I wonder whether the girl likes the brother.
la kain na kurji lo bruna be ky
Cain was not his brother's keeper.
lo bruna cu te cmene mi zo ractu
My brother calls me "Rabbit"
zo bruna cmene la kevin lo mi pendo
Brother is how friends call Kevin.
le mensi ca panpi lo bruna be vo'a
The sister is now at piece with her brother.
gismu x1 is cousin to x2 by bond/tie x3; [non-immediate family member, default same generation]. Probably preferred for metaphorical siblings (over bruna). See also dzena, famti, mensi, bruna, tunba.
cmevla Brother Cf. bruna, mes, mam, paf, bes, tix.
gismu rafsi: mes me'i x1 is a sister of/sororal to x2 by bond/tie/standard/parent(s) x3; [not necessarily biological]. See also bruna, tunba, tamne, famti.
lujvo x2=b1 is brother of/fraternal to x1=b2 by bond/tie/standard/parent x3=b3. se bruna
lujvo x1 is an niece/nephew of x2 by bond/tie x3. See famti, tunba, tixnu, bruna.
lujvo x3=b1 is brother of/fraternal to x2=b2 by bond/tie/standard/parent x1=b3. te bruna